Soldiers express disappointment over release of 1,400 Boko Haram suspects

By Umar Salam.

Some soldiers have condemned the directive by the Federal Government to release about 1,400 suspected members of the notorious Boko Haram sect.

According to the military personnel, who shared their frustration with TheCable on Tuesday, it was irrational to release the suspects when insurgents on the other hand were killing soldiers captured in battle.

One of the soldiers was quoted as saying, “A lot of soldiers are not happy about this. We were there at the Maimalari barracks when some of these Boko Haram people were released.

“The authorities are releasing them, but Boko Haram are killing soldiers that they capture. This does not make sense to us at all. We continue to sweep across the bushes to flush these people out, and then the government will release them. Does that not amount to wasted efforts?”

Another said, “You wonder why Boko Haram members are on the increase? When we arrest them and bring them here, some top people would come and start negotiating their release. But, I will tell you some of these so-called suspects are returning to the bush and they were never repentant.”

The spokesperson of the defence headquarters, Onyema Nwachukwu had earlier noted that the move was aimed at rehabilitating and reintegrating repentant Boko Haram members back into society.

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