OPINION: The Esinrogunjo in all of us

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By Abdullah Abdulganiy.

When the news first broke out on a Whatsapp platform, that Comrade Musibau Esinrogunjo threatened to kill the Governor of Kwara State, AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq, I was one of those that dismissed it as another beer palour gist and lie from the pit of hell. I did not even bother to download the audio clip attached to the caption. I considered it a waste of time.

In fact, I lampooned the sharer because of his well known record as a fake news carrier and Chief Propagandist of the Saraki Media Hustling Industry (SMHI). If you want to say it in Ogunlowo’s voice, you can call them the “enugbes” or the “(techno) boys”. Lol! Kwara will contribute enormously to political communication and lexicology in the coming days.

Those are just by the way. The news, however, kept on coming in torrent. Esinrogunjo this, Esinrogunjo that. So, I found it worthy to listen to the clip to confirm by myself. Anyone who has been a follower of Mr Esinrogunjo as a regular voice on various radio programmes needs no fortune teller to tell him he was the one. No cloning. No “doctoring”. No “nursing”.


Yes, it was the Esinrogunjo you and I know very well. So many things gave him out. This is why I see his attempt to save his face by calling the audio clip doctored unintelligent and unwise. He could have kept quiet in the face of everything. To play on our intelligence that he was not the one was an affront and it speaks to his trustworthiness.

I must say however that those statements he made were mere in-house braggadocios. He couldn’t have done anything because he doesn’t have the power. The mole that recorded his voice will, no doubt, meet his own shellacking too because it was a breach of both privacy and confidentiality. No one does that and escape social ridicule, sooner or later.

It was a plause to the people’s Governor however that Esinrogunjo never accused him in the lengthy audio clip of non-performance or misgovernance. His grouse and concern were money, food and political appointment. You may choose to say, subvention, “infrastomach” and multi-million naira contract. So, you begin to wonder what kind of comradeship is his.

I would not want to over flog the issue. The takeaway from the audio clip however is that Mr Esinrogunjo and his ilk are a bunch of opportunists who painted Saraki black simply because they were not allowed closer to public treasury. They are accidental activists and critics. A true comrade would remain unshaken with appointment or no appointment. In fact, they prefer not to be appointed so as to be free to express their concerns on governance.

It is true that in politics, as I have always repeated, some people contributed their efforts and resources to the emergence of an administration, and expect to be compensated at the end of the day. This is normal, if you ask me. Trouble however comes when you see yourself as more entitled to political appointment than others or you are desperate in the course. This is a devilish thought.

This is why it’s advisable that people do not take politics as business. The idea of seeing politics as a business entity in Nigeria is one of the factors responsible for our backwardness. Even when you get appointment, some people are already waiting for you to get their share of the national cake. How won’t you steal from public purse to satisfy them?

There must be a rethink in our political system. It should be a call to public service, not personal aggrandizement. One of the righteous successors of the prophet by the name of Umar Bn Khattab fled away for hours when information reached him that he has been considered as the Ameerul Mumineen – Leader of the believers. These are people who know the burden and consequences of leadership that we are craving to get today.

The same Umar was reported to have said that he would be responsible and asked on the day of judgement if a camel falls down on the road of Baghdad as a result of its bad condition. So, what is the pleasure there? Those who did it yesterday are far gone. Where is Abacha? Where is Fira’un? Some of our past leaders are not dead, but nobody notices their existence.

My main argument here, however, is that all of us are Esinrogunjos. Our own saving grace is that our audio clips have not been leaked. There are many things we do in the private that we don’t want to go public. There are many Esinrogunjos in the ruling APC. Those who are not happy with the governor, but smile whenever they see him and praise him to high heavens. Those who sing the praises of the governor in the open, but use fake names and identities to blackmail him at the back. With time, all other Esinrogunjos will come to spotlight because you cannot pretend to be what you are not for a long time.

Oh, shall we talk about the Esinrogunjos in the Saraki camp? Many of them will soon show face in the coming days. Those who chant leader at his presence, and expose his weaknesses in his absence for one reason or the other. All these are reflections of what Goffman called “Dramaturgical Irony” in his classical sociological theorising.

This latest event has lent credence to my position in an open letter to the governor after he emerged victorious, published in the Sahara Reporters, that he’s surrounded by political investors. Those who are not interested in the Kwara Project per say, but “wetin mouth go chop”. The same old wine in a new bottle.

Most of those who chant “rankadede” to the face of His Excellency and mouthed “otoge” with him are not interested in the progress of Kwara. By the way, when do career politicians have the love of the state at their hearts? They just wanted Saraki dislodged to get their own hands too closer to the public treasury.

It is cheering that we have a good governor who has been preventing them. It must have been a tough time for him. But remember, to lose a second term ambition is more honorable than satisfying the political investors to the detriment of the masses. May nobody get our full audio and video.

Abdullah is a sociologist and writer. Email: olamilekanhalarho@gmail.com




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