OPINION: Adams Oshiomole — Now that the Game is Over

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By Prince Ejeh Josh.

If he had known that his days of reckoning were fast approaching, maybe he could have spared his erstwhile political godson and squarely face the battle. But like a Yoruba adage would say, a dog destined for destruction would not hear the deafening whistle of the hunter. He was so preoccupied with his political preys, playing “if you taka mi, I will dabo you” game.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) is presently in disarray. There’s confusion here and there. What started like a spark of fire is consuming many heavyweights and self-styled political champions in a party built on the altar of deception and ego.

Now, there are three persons parading themselves as acting National Chairman of the party. One bedridden Abiola Ajimobi, the second, Mr. Victor Gaidom and the third, Hilliard Eta. But let me warn: the war is not yet over. The eruptions from the political volcano will still consume more godfathers and overlords.

You see, the intrigues underlying politics in Nigeria is always interesting and unpredictable. Nigerian political landscape is very fragile. Successive chain of events in the political terrain makes the game uncertain and dynamic. A certain commentator recently chatted me up on the legal implications of the Court of Appeal’s affirmation of the suspension order issued by the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, against the former National Chairman of the APC, Mr. Adams Oshiomole. Like Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, my reply was: “I just dey laff”.

Just when the political “idabonski”, Mr. Oshiomole was still playing god, breathing fire from his nostrils and threatening thunder and brimstone, something unimaginable happened.

The political wrestler had almost consumed his perceived political enemies, reduced them to carcasses and then, preparing them for a lunch when the wind blew. It was a whirlwind.

He was still giving Godwin Obaseki the beating of his life. Beating him black and blue, and has even beaten him to submission when the enemy struck. Oshiomole’s martial art’s skills were second to none. Obaseki has been beaten to pulp and beyond recognition. Trust what Oshiomole bin Adams can do when it comes to a fight. Obaseki’s swollen and bloody face from the merciless and gut-wrenching political battering made me sick in the stomach.

Just when it was time to blow the final whistle and declare Oshiomole winner, a dagger was thrown from the dark. A great dynasty was immediately collapsed. Who did this? Karma? Divine vengeance? What a retribution! But if you ask me, “na who I go ask?”

Perhaps, Nigerians, especially those in power hardly learn from history. Few years ago, it was Enugu state boiling. All hell was let lose. The stage was set between the then Governor of Enugu state, Barrister Sullivan Chime, and the former People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) National Chairman, Chief Okwesieze Nwodo.

The first was drumming the sound of war from the Lion Building while the other was belligerently taking the dancing steps from Wadata Plaza in Matama, Abuja. Tension was mounting and political gunshots were heard. Those cut in the crossfire were sacrificed politically.

Finally, while it was all dawned on the political spectators that Nwodo was almost winning, Sullivan made a surprise comeback. He struck hard. Ejike Mbaka, a Catholic priest, once brutally captured the end of the battle. Sullivan hit his target, and decapitated his foe. Robert Greene, the author of the 48 Laws of Power, had advised that one must make sure that an enemy is totally destroyed. Not even any hope of him rising again. It could fatally fight back.

But we don’t seem to learn from the above scenario. While Oshiomole was still having his last laugh, the court cut it short. He was slapped from behind. The court reduced him to rubble. He was immediately plucked from grace to grass, and reduced to almost a political vagabond. His mouth would be sour by now.

Who did this to the almighty and all-powerful Oshiomole? In less than 24 hours, he became abandoned. Almost forgotten from the memory of men. He is now being addressed as “former” Chairman. He was immediately and ingloriously relieved of his duty. Funny enough, those once hailing him before his ordeal were those that immediately showed him the way out and appointed his replacement.

Mr. Oshiomole is now politically abandoned and politically redundant. He has nowhere to go now. Tinubu has adroitly dissociated himself. The presidency is now seeing a stranger in their former ally. Such is life. Nothing lasts forever. Power is just transient and deceptive.

The garb of power has been shamefully removed from Adams. He ate the forbidden fruit and now chased out of the APC paradise. He lost Abuja and also lost Edo state. All his actions have now been declared null and void and of no effect.

Interestingly, Governor Obaseki’s disqualification from contesting the APC’s primary has been cancelled by one of the acting National Chairman of the party, Mr. Gaidom. For him, Oshiomole was both the accuser and judge in his own case. He saw Oshiomole as a walking illegality. What becomes of this seemingly unbeatable political warlord? What will his mind be telling him now? To go and do like Judas Iscariot? Kaiii!

As I reflect on this, I’m afraid Oshiomole may want to hurt himself. How would he keep maintaining his foreign investment? Security agencies should put him under security watch list, lest he would do something funny to himself because of this legal decapitation.

The journey from political palace to political destitution is enough to hug a live transformer. Today, Oshiomole has suddenly become an ordinary street citizen. How are the mighty fallen!


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