FEATURED: Gov. AA — When deceit becomes a trademark

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By Bashar Akanbi

On March 3rd, 2020, I penned a piece titled “Governor Abdulrazaq, who is more inordinately ambitious?”, where the covert attack on contenders in the 2019 gubernatorial elections by Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq of Kwara state, in his desperate bid to make Kwarans see them as political scavengers was chronicled ( https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=590575214895391&id=100018287530145).

Nine month after, as much as Abdulrazaq continue to fail on his devilish mission, he is committing more energy and scarce State resources to subduing his perceived political threats. From his frantic but fruitless serial attempts to remove the Kwara state APC Chairman, who he believed is loyal to other power blocks within the ruling party to blackmailing party stalwarts who stood by the supremacy of the Party, Gov. Abdulrazaq has become the proverbial Yoruba’s restless “Ewe oju omi”. Definitely, the evil doers will never know peace.

Just like he cornered the 2019 gubernatorial ticket through a crooked and immoral process, Gov. Abdulrazaq has again, deployed his symbolic deceitful tactics in a deliberate attempt to call the dogs of his co-aspirants in 2019 elections bad name, just to hang them. He has clandestinely make serial attempts to besmirch their reputation as people fighting him because of their inability to access public purse, same lies he is known to telling against every perceived opponent.

This time, Gov. Abdulrazaq’s feeling of insecurity over the growing popularity of some of his contenders in the 2019 elections and his humiliation after the chronic corrupt and sharp practices ongoing in his government is daily becoming a public knowledge, has forced the Governor to go the extra mile to defame characters and sway public sentiments against.

The ridiculous move by a State Governor to personally invite and engage social media urchins, otherwise knowns as “E-rats”, working under the supervision of his Media aides, where ‘His Excellency’ fed them series of outlandish lies against several political personalities not on same page with him, with the intent of getting them to propagate same is the lowest ebb leadership can ever be reduced to.

Smart Gov. Abdulrazaq however ensured thorough security screening of all the so called “E-rats” before his meeting with them, all of their phones and communication gadgets were seized from them, to be sure none of them have him on record while he exhumed his falsehood.

It is however not a surprise understanding in very recent past, the same Governor attempted to stop mere virtual interactive program of indigenous students’ with a top government functionary not on same page with him with Millions of public funds.

One would imagine how State Governor told such unintelligent lies before young minds and believing that all of them would consume it unquestionably. Of course, some of them might be blindfolded by pecuniary gains they craved which in the first instance necessitated the meeting but not all can be fooled.
A State Governor claimed a high profile personality is primarily connected with an EFCC case involving his bank, one would wonder the level of gullibility the Governor might have assumed of his audience. How would EFCC be trying a whole bank without it filtering into the public. Everyone is aware that EFCC media trial is far more amplified judicial trials. He should have done well to resoect their sensibilities a bit, by sharing with them common links that gives credence to hateful hallucinations.

How he also claimed some of his contenders are at loggerhead with him because they requested for money and contracts, which he refused to oblige them. Common text messages or contract papers submitted to His Excellency in this regards would have sufficed to, at least dignify the sensibilities of these ‘poor’ minds being intoxicated, before they go out there, committing criminal defamation of characters on his behalf.

These boys are obviously the Governor’s accomplice in the crime, but one feels sorry for their unintelligent disposition for not asking His Excellency to avail them facts check instrument, or at least, allow himself on record, so that their principal suspect they are conspiring with don’t exonerate himself when the burble finally burst. Moreover, there is immunity for His Excellency.

Despite the open secret behind Governor Abdulrazaq’s constitution of his cabinet, he also told his audience how he gave some of his contenders commissioner slots, without mentioning the commissioners nominated for him.

He, again, unfairly took them for fools. His Excellency may wish to show those he wishes to fool, lists or letters through which these party stalwarts sent name(s) of their choice nominees. At least, some of us saw His Excellency’s note against the swearing in of Bolarinwa as Kwara APC Caretaker Chairman, which was again foiled.

Alh. Hakeem Lawal’s relative that was appointed as Commissioner is without HOL’s consent, the nomunee was considered based on her relationship with his late father’s wife (Aishat Lawal), who is Gov. Abdulrazaq’s biological sister.
Or is it Saadat Kawu who was appointed based on her contributions to the elections and close relationship with the First Lady; Olufolake Abdulrazaq? All other commissioners, except Joana Kolo and Barr. Jawondo, were either the Governor’s ‘personal persons’, their children of remnants of the defunct Fagbemi camp of then PDP.

With His Excellency’s vituperations and purging of deliberate falsehood yesterday, he did not only justify my earlier position that Governor Abdulrazaq is comfortable with the social media onslaught against his former opponents and perceived future political threats, but in fact, the sponsor.

Someone should sincerely advice Mr. Governor to focus on the reason he is elected and stop the wild goose chase. Only God gives and takes power, no amount of desperate exhibition can undo what God has done or do what is not destined to be. He should learn to drop his trademark of deceit and play the game of politics like a honorable man.

Bashar is a Kwaran based in Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria.


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