2023: Major stakeholders endorse Muktar Shagaya for Ilorin West/Asa Constituency Seat

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As the countdown to the primaries for the selection of party flag bearers begins, an aspirant for the Ilorin West/Asa Constituency seat on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mallam Muktar Shagaya has received the endorsement of major stakeholders, including party and religious leaders, constituents, youth and women groups.

With the alignment of the various interest groups and the solidarity received by the aspirant, the prospect of his emergence as the flag bearer of his party has now been brightened.

Determined to have a young, vibrant and capable leader representing them at the federal level, the constituents observe that the aspiration of Shagaya offers a chance to instill a lasting change. This was the perspective of the APC Ilorin West Woman Leader, Alhaja Zainab Isiaka who observed that a Shagaya candidacy is “going to begin to send a message of a very real alternative to the way things have been operating for a long time.”

Similarly, courtesy visits to other groups across llorin West/Asa Federal constituency have given way for more endorsements as they receive Shagaya with warmth and encouragement.

“We really feel that it’s important that we have someone in office who really champion those values and is not [dismissive] to the constituents’ true interests or, to the rural inhabitants, especially in Asa Local Government Area or to the progress of our party and really puts forth the voice of the people in the llorin West/Asa Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Representatives,” Asa APC executive members jointly expressed.

“Shagaya is running a campaign on progressive themes, pledging to make the constituency more equitable and address issues ranging from ineffective representation to lack of general welfare. We are committed to supporting Mallam Muktar Shagaya and we believe he is endowed with the required capacity to represent the good people of Ilorin West/West Federal Constituency,” Ilorin West APC Elder, Alhaji Baba Olosasa emphasized.

Following a visit to the Coalition of Kwara APC Young Stakeholders (CKAYS), the group called on Mallam Muktar Shagaya to never get distracted from his bid to run for the House of Representatives in the upcoming 2023 election to represent Ilorin West/Asa Federal Constituency as he has shown enough experience and capacity to solve the numerous
challenges the constituency is facing.

“We will mobilise stakeholders, party men and women, and electorate across the constituency to ensure that Shagaya emerges as the llorin West/Asa Federal House of Representatives standard-bearer of the ruling party and elected Honorable Member of House of Representatives subsequently,” the group leader, Jimoh Idris, assured.

The market women also gave their full support stating, pledging to get more politically involved as they believe Shagaya is a reliable personality that can assist in dealing with issues such as housing, education, transportation and health while getting the youth on board.

On Wednesday, May 11th 2022, the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) honored Shagaya as the Keynote Speaker at their leadership summit. At the event, Shagaya reiterated his determination to serve his constituency wholeheartedly, noting that his experience, both within and outside the country, as well as in public and private sectors, are key to his deep understanding of the plights of the people and metric-based approach at problem solving.

“I want to represent my people in Ilorin West/Asa Federal Constituency because I believe I have the competence, the character, and what it takes. I am not contesting for the office of House of Representatives because I believe it is a simple task. I tell you, I have been preparing for this for a long time and I believe I am qualified to bring about change in Nigeria. My dream is for Nigeria to be able to stand competitively amongst other countries, and that begins with incremental change,” he said.

The President of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) further gave his support as he endorsed Shagaya. “The time for youth is now, and Mallam Muktar Tolani Shagaya is a reliable personality and the youth would be happy having him as their face in leadership,” the student leader said.

As Mallam Muktar continues to garner support in his bid to represent his constituency at the Federal House of Representatives, all the 50 Zonal Chairmen of All Progressives Congress (APC) have also publicly and unanimously endorsed Shagaya as their preferred candidate.

The group stated that their allegiance is supported by historical facts, the principle of justice and equity as well as the concept of brotherhood.

Additionally, the Magaji Ngeri Constituency Elders Forum have also given their seal of approval to Mallam Muktar SHAGAYA as their candidate.

The Chairman of the forum, Alhaji Kawu Fada said, “you will see our people solidly coming out to persuade the rest of the constituents to vote for Muktar Shagaya. The elders believe a Shagaya candidacy can easily win over the trust of the rest of our constituency, unite the people, build a productive environment whilst working to end socioeconomic problems”.

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