FEATURED: Kwara Central and the need for a BIG IDEA. By Rasaq Kamil

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“Ideas rule the world”— Sam Adeyemi.

Since the dawn of time, electricity, medicine, agriculture, automobile, fashion, internet and every progress made by mankind, have been through a big idea envisioned by an individual or group of individuals who have the courage to reimagine the world.

Right now, Kwara Central is at a crossroad election. Perhaps, the most significant election for generations to come. This significance is derived not only from the fact that Kwara Central is in a perilous time of high rate of unemployment, insecurity, endemic poverty, high rate of hungry children, high rate of out of school children etc, but it also derived from the reality that we will be choosing between the peddlers of primordial politics of big money that got us in this dire times in the first place and the proponents of politics of big idea who seek to get us out of it.

Money is not a solution, only a part of it. Money is just a tool, it is not the entire equipment. Money should not be erroneously viewed with the same degree of inevitability or blind acceptance as a force of nature, such as gravity or intelligence. To be clear, while money can build a beautiful house, it cannot give you a happy home. While money can build schools, it doesn’t guarantee quality education for our kids. While money can buy you a car, it cannot give you the technical know-how to successfully drive it each time. Clearly, therefore, the primordial politics of big money cum politics of entitlement is not enough to take us out of these perilous times. Problems cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them.

On the other hand, mankind has known no progress which was not a product of an idea. Truer yet even in Kwara State. Annual rewards for best performing school teachers started as an idea. Instilling hard work and diligence in students through free WAEC registration for well-performed students in the state mock examination began as an idea. Making Kwara state teachers bankable which helped reduce shortage in their salary and also help block leakages, which was reinvested in more pays for the teachers, started as an idea, among other lofty initiatives. Given the tumultuous time Kwara Central finds itself in at the moment, we cannot overemphasize the need for big ideas, a desperate need, if we’re being honest. And we have no one to provide us with these proven expertise and visionary leadership, other than a validated idealogue, Mallam Bolaji Abdulahi.

There are 3 types of leaders: the ones who watch things happen, the ones who wonder why things happen and the ones who make things happen with their big ideas. Which one will Kwara Central settle for in 2023? The answer should be easy if we appraise what each person who seek our votes has done in the past in terms of access to power and deploying it to better the livelihood of the people and improving their wellbeing.

  • Rasaq Kamil is from Ilorin East Local Government Area.

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