FEATURED: Seyi Tinubu — Sustaining a Legacy

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By Mohammed Funsho Abdullahi.

As we move gradually towards the February 2023 presidential election, more and more people are becoming fully awake to the reality that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu would most certainly be Nigeria’s next President. But, perhaps, the most significant factor that would contribute to that victory would not be because of the electrifying campaign or any election strategy adopted by his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC); rather it would be because Tinubu himself had all his life worked to earn the dedication and commitment of those who now see it as their duty to get Jagaban, the man who has made the practice of lifting others his greatest strength, to Aso Rock.

It was Clarence Francis who said that a leader “cannot buy loyalty; (he) cannot buy the devotion of hearts, minds, and souls. (He has) to earn them.” But Tinubu did not just earn “devotion of hearts” by serving as the compass through which others attain their aspirations, he has also firmly and effectively built it as a family practice, one that is now poised to become a legacy that would most certainly outlive him and keep the family name resonating for long.


Many are already familiar with the story of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as “one of the greatest builders of men in Yoruba land and Nigeria at large.” However, what is probably unknown is the fact that the man has passed on this trait to every member of his immediate family, and those who have been “made” by other members of the Tinubu family are also out in this campaign to pay their dividend to the Tinubus, hence delivering a huge multiplier impact to the aspiration of a man who has turned personal attribute of uplifting other people to an unmatched political capital.

The other day, the legendary Yoruba actor, Alhaji Ebun Oloyede (Olaiya Igwe) reported how Senator Oluremi Tinubu, Jagaban’s wife, paid for his treatment when he was sick without having met him before. Now, when someone called him names for supporting Tinubu in this election circle, the actor responded by saying that he would pay back “good with good,” and that if Mrs. Tinubu could assist him without having met him, then he owe her a debt of gratitude which he intended to pay by offering his full support towards the actualisation of her husband’s presidential aspiration. This, again, attest to the fact that good deeds breed loyalty, and loyalty is the pinnacle of character which establishes lifelong connection between individuals.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, little wonder, therefore, that Seyi Tinubu is also exhibiting the compelling character that has endeared his parents to all and sundry. Often called ‘ST’ by those close to him, Seyi has assisted more people than I can count, including yours sincerely, many of whom he has never met. Like his father, once he clarified that you can deliver on an assignment, ST gives you the opportunity to prove yourself without caring about where you come from or which religion you professes. Seeing this trait in him, most of us, young people, in APC naturally gravitates towards him and put in our minds and strengths, body and soul, towards delivering the Asiwaju mandate. ST is a chip off the old block, and he has shown the promise to sustain the legacy of raising people which is the hallmark of his father’s politics.

Therefore, in this election, we have people canvassing for Jagaban himself because of his direct touch on their lives; we have people canvassing for him because his wife has impacted them; and of course we have the ‘ST boys’ who are rooting for Asiwaju because a new era of elevation is upon us, one that seeks to prop up a new generation who receive a push to advance their growth and development; and put their leadership skills to test to the benefit of our country and the citizens.

No doubt, Asiwaju started out his life knowing that if his life was going to matter, then he must live on a vision. He has a vision of raising leaders, not followers, who will go on to accomplish great things and deliver progress that advances the cause of humanity. Now that his son is adopting that vision and beginning to run with it, it is our prayers that, just like his father before him, he is able to build great men and women whose God ordained destinies would be accomplished simply on account of coming across a Tinubu.

*Abdullahi is Deputy Director, North Central Youth Mobilization Directorate of the APC.

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