FEATURED: Tinubu – Fair is Foul, Foul is Fair

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By Abdullateef Ishowo.

Wait a minute! Whose hand holds the broom in the APC logo? How important is the hand or the broom to the logo? What happens, should the hand slacks?

Political parties’ logos, ideologically or conservatively convey deeper meanings than we can ever imagine. This may not be unconnected to the importance of logo to the ideological stand of a political party. A logo is a visual representation of the mission, values and vision of a brand. Political parties therefore choose a logo that appeals to the minds of potential voters. From APC’s green, white, blue and red to PDP’s green, white and red; each components of the logos are chosen for a reason.

For instance, the most significantly conspicuous symbol of the PDP logo is the umbrella. This was designed to resonate with the voters’ desperate need to have a shade that would prevent the inhumane sunning environment the military was leaving behind. While the most important symbol of the APC logo remains the broom and the hand holding it. At its formation in 2013, the broom in the logo was the symbol appealing to Nigerians to sweep the then ruling PDP out of Aso Rock. Holding the broom very tight is a hand, whose owner is yet to be revealed.

At its inception, APC was generally considered to be a centre-left political party that favours controlled market economic policies. A substantial number of its founding members are followers of or politicians who subscribe to social democratic political philosophy of Obafemi Awolowo in the South western part of the country.

In politics however, fair is foul and foul is fair. This explains why over the years, particularly since the second half of Buhari’s first term, the party welcomed all comers who have infiltrated its beautiful ideological stand. Ever since, things have been falling apart and the center has refused to hold.

The umbrella in the PDP logo was not held by any visible hand. It was allowed to stand delicately on its own. Hence, every member contributed to the heavy storm that breezed away the umbrella, fissuring the rock.

Behold! Whose hand is holding the broom in the APC logo? Buhari’s or Tinubu’s Should the hand belong to the ’emilokan’ of Yoruba nation, a slit in his neck at the party primary election scheduled to take place next Tuesday will automatically loosen the hand, and the broom will scatter like a pack of cards. On the other hand, if the hand belongs to the body of Dan-Fulani of naija, Bubu is already loosing the grip and his hand will naturally drop the broom, allowing it to scatter on the ground like a battered elephant. Bubu is no longer interested and doesn’t care what becomes of the party.

However, whichever side of the coin you favour is politically immaterial; as fair is foul and foul is fair. The ‘Emilokan’ of Yoruba nation has goofed and politically miscalculated. The Fulanis had never been for him and they won’t now. He was merely a tool in their hands, and now that the mission has been accomplished, they are done with him.

The ’emilokan’ of Yoruba nation failed to learn from history. If he did, he would have realized that his region had never decided for the Fulanis and that can’t change now. He was around when it happened to Awolowo and later Abiola, he needs not be reminded. Oshinbajo is to Tinubu what Akintola was to Awolowo; nothing has changed. They know how to manipulate you against one another. They are the master of the game. They patiently learned the skills from the British colonialists while you were busy studying theories in the university. Theories don’t rule the world, skills do. Your tribe calls them animals, they agree but you are the grass they feed on. Head or tail, they hold the ace as we approach 2023 general elections.

Let me break it down, if PDP wins, it’s the North that rules and since they decide who flags your party in the election, either another Fulani or a southerner, the fellow shall do their bidding. So you see why they are the master of the game?

They deliberately chose a southerner, Odiege Oyegun, your political foe to head the kangaroo panel that disqualified you from participating at the party primary; just to pay you in same coin. Remember you ousted him out of party chairmanship position to pave way for Osho Baba, your stooge? They have failed on this coup and that explains why virtually all northern governors and Baba himself have suddenly come out to support southern candidacy. With this latest development, the ’emilokan’ of Yoruba nation shall participate in the primary, he might not win. And if he does, the party has lost its unity.

What criteria would the panel have used to disqualify Baba Leko. Well, fair is foul and foul is fair. Or how do you justify Governor Obaseki’s disqualification in the 2020 APC primary in Edo state? Courtesy of Osho Baba and the Lord of Bordillion. What about the kangaroo primary that produced the ‘unity group’ as against the ‘like-minds’ in the rundown to NASS election in June 2015? What was the criteria used that edged Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara out of the APC kangaroo primary? Though, Saraki would later outsmart them all to cling the seat of senate presidency. The rest, they say, is history. Fair is foul and foul is fair. What about the Ambode treatment in Lagos 2018 APC primary? Fair is foul and foul is fair.

The next 48 hours portend a doomsday for the party, as the house seems to have fallen. Should the landlord be favoured, the tenants will seek abode somewhere else and vice-versa.

No doubt, the ’emilokan’ of Yoruba nation deserves the ticket, as he had paid his due but in politics, ‘fair is foul and foul is fair’. Apology to Shakespeare.

Abdullateef Ishowo is an author and a development analyst

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