Gunmen attack popular Yoruba actress, Toyosi Adesanya, kill driver (VIDEO)

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By David Olalekan.

Popular Yoruba actress, Toyosi Adesanya (Sisi Alagbo) was on Monday attacked by unknown gunmen on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

Although, details surrounding the incident are still sketchy, it was, however, gathered that her driver, Juwon Awe was brutally killed by the assailants.

Adesanya, who was rushed to the hospital after sustaining injuries during the incident was said to be returning from a movie premiere in Lagos when her vehicle was attacked.


14 Replies to “Gunmen attack popular Yoruba actress, Toyosi Adesanya, kill driver (VIDEO)”

  1. I know that one day the cover will be remove from egungun’s face, is there any security in this present government, with all these killings, someone (a yoruba muslim clergy) still rise up to fight against amotekun, huunn.

  2. The government should please do something urgently because the present situation in the country is really painting that the current government is weak and not capable to rule this country and that is what they wanted. But we know that God will exposed the evil dual that delighted in shedding people’s blood for their selfish gain.

  3. Its so pathetic on what our country has generated into. People cant safely travel to do their normal business. The fear of bandits. The fear of robbers. Yhe fear of hired assassins. Its really a pity i must confess and it saddened my heart each time i see news like this. That some animals in woman clothes are somewhere living only to kill fellow human is their what they derive joy from. God bless take Control. Igba Irunmole in Yoruba land be beseach you, come to Our rescue. Obalufon mo’ye raim your curse on all evil doers in Yoruba land and in Nigeria…
    Our Traditional institution must raise to thier task rather than fighting for supiriority.
    Onisese. Onisango. Oloya. Olobatala. Onisoponna.
    Elerinle. Babalawo nifa. E gbara jopo. E gba ile karo Ojire sile. Aare Onakakanfo Ise tiya… E bo Agba sile, e wo kenbe ogun… Ile yoruba o dowo yin ooo.

    May His soul rest in Peace…
    Ki Oku re Roooooooooo…
    Ki o pa’gi ki pa araba, ki o pa iroko ti o lowo si iku re ati ti gbogbo awon eje alaise. Ti won ti ta sile…
    Agbagba ile yoruba.
    Ogun ti de…..

  4. Nigeria central security system has been infiltrated with Boko Haram and herdsmen terrorists thereby leading to it’s collapse and the collapsed of the contraption called Nigeria.
    Disintegration is the only solution. Support Biafran referendum.

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