Kaduna 2023: Will El-rufai Walk The Talk?

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By Mohammed Abdullahi.

Malam Nasir Ahmed El-rufai, the Executive Governor of Kaduna State is a man driven by excellence and merit. He, being not someone given to flippancy and mediocrity in leadership, has consistently campaigned to have the best of brains in government positions. El-rufai loves only the best, and befriends only the finest who are masters in their games.

A patriot, Governor Nasir El-rufai recently told the media that his immediate priority as he prepares to leave office next year was how to bequeath great leadership to Kaduna State, one capable of sustainable his achievements rather than reversing the progress already made. A visionary, El-rufai stated his belief that the only way to ensure that Kaduna does not retrogress post 2023 was to pick someone who clearly understands the issues and know the vision; someone who has been part of the delivery of the incredible progress Kaduna has witnessed since 2015.

Anyone who knows the history of El-rufai would easily understand that his recent public statements about the kind of successor he desire are consistent with his long term beliefs and thought about leadership. In his 2013 tell-all memoir, The Accidental Pubic Servant, El-rufai bemoans the lack of depth and rigour in the leadership selection process. He reiterates how the selection of leaders is often done with little or no attention paid to merit and capacity.

Now, the 2023 election in Kaduna state presents an opportunity for Governor Nasir Ahmed El-rufai to walk the talk. Will he support a competent candidate, as he has always preached; or will he falter and allow Kaduna falls into the hands of a ‘trial and error’ governor.

Yes, he has expressed the hope that his successor would most likely come from within his core team, but will he choose the best even among the core team; or will he just go with the spontaneous euphoria of political merchants who will most likely promote a candidate that favours their interest rather than the interest of Kaduna people.

As the Hausas would say, “koda naka kaso na kwarai.” Will El-rufai supports the best for Kaduna in 2023? Time will tell.

*Abdullahi writes from Kaduna.

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