KWHA member denies assault on tenant, says accuser used house for homosexuality

By Balkis Tijani.

The member representing Isapa/ Ekiti Constituency in the Kwara State House of Assembly, Hon. Ganiyu Abolarin has denied assaulting a tenant living in his house in the Tanke area of Ilorin.

The tenant, identified as Ogundokun Saheed, had earlier accused his landlord, Hon. Ganiyu Abolarin and his colleague in the State Assembly, Hon. Owolabi Rasaq, representing Share/Okeodo constituency of assaulting him and knocking off his tooth over his inability to pay rent.

According to a report by BarristerNG, the incident took place at Ogundokun’s rented apartment at Sir Abbey road, Awolowo Street, Tanke, Ilorin, Kwara State on July 17, 2019, following the account of an eye witness.

“Ogundokun’s nightmare started at about 10 pm when someone knocked at the gate of the house and he came out to see who it was.

“The stranger introduced himself to Mr. Ogundokun as a police officer from A’ Division, Ilorin and informed him that his attention was needed at their station in connection with a complaint lodged against him. Because it was already late, the said officer agreed with Ogundokun to be present at the station by 10 am the next day.

“An hour later, there was another knock at the gate, but Mr Ogundokun refused to open the gate for security reasons. However, the men forced their way into the compound, broke the window and removed the burglary. Fortunately, Mr Ogundokun identified Ganiyu Abolarin, his landlord in the middle of the charade.

“Altercation ensued thereafter between the two of them over the former’s failure to pay rent. While this was going on, Owolabi Rasaq, who was there with his colleague, came from the back and grievously assaulted Mr Ogundogun.

“Ganiyu also joined Owolabi in assaulting the tenant. They were accompanied by their political thugs who also joined in this act. They were about 8 all together with two policemen suspected to be their police orderly.

“Mr Ogundokun’s three friends who live in his apartment with him were not spared as they were also allegedly assaulted by men led by Ganiyu and Owolabi”, the source narrated.

Ogundokun, and his friends who were reportedly thrown out and detained at F’ Division on the allegation that they were illegal occupants, were later released the following day.

Having sustained injuries and lost his tooth in the assault, Ogundokun, through his lawyer, YY Ajibade has petitioned the Kwara State House of Assembly Speaker, Hon Umar Danladi Salihu to investigate the assault case against the two House members.

Reacting to the allegation, Hon. Abolarin denied assaulting his tenant, explaining that he was informed by Ogundokun’s neighbors who alleged that he used the house for homosexuality, while he and his guests used hard drugs freely.

In a statement issued by the lawmaker this morning, he said he decided to investigate the matter but could not access Ogundokun, hence, involved the Police to intervene in the allegation of homosexuality and the use of hard drugs by the tenant in order to put a stop to the complaints by other neighbours.

Hon. Abolarin added that he and Hon. Owolabi Rasaq, involved the police in the matter, who swiftly apprehended the tenant and invited him for questioning on the 17th of July.

He expressed shock over the allegation that Ogundokun was assaulted when he was arrested alongside the three males found with him.

Abolarin concluded that Ogundokun resorted to lies because of the gravity of his offence, while urging his supporters and colleagues in the House of Assembly to disregard any rumour of misdemeanor involving him or Owolabi.

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