OPINION: Gov Abdulrazaq Should Guide His Loins

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By Abdul-Rahoof Bello (Làbẹ́làbẹ́)

It is sickening note that the character and quality of leadership in Kwara, a State of Harmony, continue to depreciate like a weak currency, as the helmsman, Governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrasaq unabashedly waxes stronger in mastery of barefaced lies, denials and goals displacement.

The APC Integrity Group, like many right-thinking Kwarans, is worried and apprehensive about this ugly trends in our body politic. Therefore, we are constrained to speak out against the abnormality with a few to giving a sense of direction to the drifting ship of the State.

It leaves a sour taste in the mouth that Governor Abdulrahman AbdulRasaq (GAA) has become unremorsefully notorious in propounding different conflicts theories, to make his ends justify his means on the crisis rocking the APC since assumption of his office. The Governor has been entertaining Kwarans with overdose of lies and half-truths to a nauseating level, that his administration becomes synonymous with deceit and falsehood personified!

The deleterious political influences introduced into governance by GAA could be analysed within the context of an English Poet, Williams Shenstone (1714-1763), that, “A liar begins with making falsehood appear like truth, and ends with making truth itself appear like falsehood.” This is a contradiction in context and reality, to the stated objectives of *O To Gẹ́ẹ́* revolution in Kwara State.

For clarification, a quick reference to some instances would suffice as prove of GAA treachery, gimmickry in politics and governance.

Party Internal Crisis

i). Public Fund
At the embryonic stage of the APC crisis, GAA blames everyone except himself for the imbroglio he masterminded. He tarred party leaders with corrosive bitumen, portraying them as fastidious and gluttonous elements with insatiable lust for power and material gains.

ii). Godfather-Clientele Relationship
the Governor was also never tired of appealing to public sentiments that he was under the pressure by Hon. Minster of Communication and Culture, Alh. Lai Mohammed, and a few clique, who were trying to undermine his authority as the custodian of people’s mandate and as the APC Leader in the State.

iii). Stolen Campaign Funds

Curiously, the Governor has added a new a new stanza to his political anthem by taking refuge under immunity clause, to make a libelous allegation of “stolen” campaign funds and neglect during 2019 elections.

He made such other fallacious accusations against the leadership of the party that delivered victory on his lap without tears! These slanderous statements were made at a book launch by Deputy Governor, Mr. Kayode Alabi, this weekend.

Question: Which of these lies is admissible?

Ordinarily, the APC Integrity Group wouldn’t have bothered responding to the acidic darts from the irritant GAA group at the book launch, but for the possibility of it misleading a section of the public.

By generous impulse, we had wanted to give a benefit of doubt for the Governor that he would come out, as usual, to disown and deny the message and the messenger after gauging the trend of public opinion on it. This optimism was influenced by the temerity of GAA to lie on oath before a Court of records, to disown the illegality of TIC Chairmen, sworn in and inaugurated by the same Deputy Governor recently!

The criminal offense taken for granted by GAA is known to Law as *perjury,* which carries a minimum of five years imprisonment on conviction. The same face-saving denial was made when the first attempt at Banquet Hall, to remove Hon. Bashir Ọmọlaja Bolarinwa from office as party Chairman failed. The Governor who was physically present at the occasion, drafted his Chief Press Secretary, Rafiu Ajakaye, to paint the town red with media denial.

However, the need to straighten records has taken priority over the speculation of repentance for posterity sake. Therefore, it is necessary to debunk seriatim, the tissues of lies in GAA’s recent pontifications at a book launch.

a). Election and Campaign Finances

Since we (APC), was fighting the 2019 elections from the trenches of opposition, the planning could not have been conventionally perfect. Not surprisingly that a mixed-grill of approach that was improvised did achieve the desired goals beyond imagination.

For Kwara APC as an orphan, the national leadership of the party came to the rescue by making the most senior Minister from the State, Alh. Lai Mohammed the defacto Leader of the party in the State. He, in collaboration with the junior Minister Sen. Gbemisola Ruqayyat Saraki and other national leaders of the party, worked round the clock to raise funds to finance, not only the 2019 general elections but also conduct party primary elections; campaigns; training of party election officials; mobilisation; security; logistics and funding of the Presidential rally in the state.

That was the money GAA claimed to have been “stolen” because he was supposed to be consulted before disbursement. But at that point in time, who or where was Mall. Abdulrahman AbdulRasaq? What *locus standi* has he to query the sources and uses of funds he knew nothing about? Thank goodness that he has just inadvertently admitted to this fact in his recent outburst.

Was he, by then, not a dark horse and an unknown quantity who was later to gatecrash to have benefited from the harvest even without tilling the soil! Anyone could be at liberty to blame the laundry but certainly not a bed wetter! A deity that cannot help should rather leave the worshipper intact.

Despite the Divine intervention in his political career, it is unbelievable that Mall. Abdulrahman AbdulRasaq who allegedly collected and sat on a whooping amount of money (#1billion) from the national headquarters of APC, part of which was meant to reimburse the nomination fees paid by all aspirants who lost the tickets in the botched primary elections. What an irony that this same man is playing holier than thou, weaving spurious allegations against his benefactors!

*b). Governance and Maladministration*

By running with the rats and hunting with the hounds, governance under GAA has been lackluster, unstable and making progress by retrogression. He has lost focus because he has abandoned the APC Manifesto and Roadmaster, which are the key elements in our *Social Contract* with the people of Kwara State in 2019.

Unfortunately, like a poor workman that blames his tool, Governor AA would always hold a cabal or the past administration responsible for his leadership failure, as if that was his motives for “stealing” the APC ticket to get elected as Governor.

He should organise another auspicious occasion to address the following questions to kwarans:-

i). Are the cabals or past administration responsible for the diversion of LG statutory monthly Allocations?

b). Who were the *cabal* that harm twisted the APC local leaders, to foist your candidature on members against all odds?

c). On whose behalf was Hon. Bashir Ọmọlaja Bolarinwa was prostrating to a congregation of members, pleading for continued support and cooperation, at Savannah Event Center?

d). If party did not campaign for you, in whose interest was Gov. Rotimi Amechi came to Ilorin to launch a digital *”Election Situation Report Website”*? Was the idea yours?

e). Was the “cabal” or past administration responsible for corruption in high places such as SUBEB; Ilorin Government High School inflated contracts; false claims on road rehabilitation, etc?

f). Who are the “cabals” stalling the staggered nomination and appointment of mediocre into your administration?

g). Was it the “godfathers” preventing Ifelodun from having a Commissioner till date?

h). Who was responsible for the illegality of suspension and appointment of TIC. Who was responsible for the denial?

i). Was the “cabals” or past administration responsible for your uncountable failed promises?

Until and unless His Excellency, Governor Abdulrahman AbdulRasaq could provide satisfactory answers to these and other important issues of the State, he should be advised to concentrate on good governance and wait patiently to log out in 2023. Kwara is deserving of peace and harmony.

© Kwara APC Integrity Group, Media Office, Ilorin. Monday, June 30, 2021

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