Produce Documents to Substantiate Claims, Informant247 Challenges Kwara Poly Rector

The Informant247’s management is urging the Rector of Kwara State Polytechnic to provide the requisite documents to support the allegations against their Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director. They accuse the polytechnic of manipulating the legal process and demand transparency in the proceedings. By withholding the necessary documents, the institution is allegedly obstructing the course of justice, and The Informant247 is seeking to hold them accountable for their actions. The publication’s management insists on uncovering the truth and ensuring a fair trial, free from any institutional interference or deceit.

Ealier, the Kwara State police have taken legal action against The Informant247’s Editor-in-Chief, Salihu Ayatullahi, and Managing Director, Azeez Adisa Jaji, in response to a report that exposed corrupt practices at the polytechnic. According to a statement released by the Publisher, Salihu Shola Taofeek, over the weekend, Ayatullahi and Jaji have had to appear in court at least six times in the past three months, with the legal battle ongoing.

The initial court hearings were characterized by the prosecution’s inability to present a compelling case, with charges evolving from cyberstalking and criminal conspiracy to defamation and criminal conspiracy. Despite asserting that their investigation was complete by the fifth hearing, the prosecution has still not produced the promised evidence. In a surprising turn of events, at the sixth hearing, the prosecution attributed their failure to bring witnesses or documents to a lack of fuel for their vehicle, resulting in yet another adjournment.

Mr. Taofeek condemns the tactics employed by the Rector and Management of the Polytechnic, accusing them of attempting to prolong the case and sweep the report on the institution’s financial status under the rug. The medium reaffirms its commitment to journalistic integrity, transparency, and holding those in power accountable, despite attempts to silence or intimidate them. They remain steadfast in their mission to uncover the truth and ensure fairness in the legal proceedings.

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