South West APC Youth Leaders Carpets National Youth Leader for Running “One Man Show”

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…Apologize to Northern Counterparts

The Coalition of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Southwest Youth Leaders have apologized to their northern colleagues over what they termed as the “marginalization in the leadership style of the APC National Youth Leader, Hon. Dayo Israel.”

The youth leaders in a joint statement released Tuesday afternoon expressed deep concerns over the alleged dangerous trend in the APC national Youth structure.

The joint South West Youth Leaders said they are unequivocally aligned with the feeling of their northern colleagues who they said have been unfairly treated by the leadership of Hon. Israel.

According to the statement, “The greatest threat to national cohesion and peace in Nigerian politics today is the political leadership that is self-centered and self-conceited. While we are most certain that the APC has presented before Nigerians the best presidential candidate, and we strongly believe in the ability of the National Chairman and the National Working Committee to lead the party to victory come 2023, we must mention that we are in danger of ruining the strength of the Youth because of the actions of this career opportunist masquerading as APC National Youth Leader.

“Hon. Israel’s actions are clearly not thought-through, and he has a penchant for acting without guidance or the input of stakeholders. He is running a ‘one-man’ show and has exhibited zero understanding of his job, nor has he demonstrated any of the intelligence he is said to be known for.

“In conclusion, we advise him not to dent the image of the Southwest region and Asiwaju style of leadership by his exhibition of politics of exclusion. Our northern brothers should never think this is our style of leadership from our region. Therefore, the position of all the Southwest Youth leaders from 137 Local Government areas and over 1,400 Ward Youth leader from the zone is that we are not part of the selfish and controversial activities of the APC National Youth Leader. We advise him to course-correct before it is too late, admit his errors, learn his lessons, and begin to show an inclusive style of leadership by engaging all his lieutenants, the party Youth leaders at all levels.”

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