The Story And The Strides of Professor Faruk Rashid Haruna, Provost COE Kontagora (1)

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By Nuru Kamal, Sub-Editor, Personality & PR Reports.

Not all great achievers are excellent at marketing their achievements and courting commendation and validation. Some are very evasive, preferring to do their work as best as they can and move on without any expectations for either ovation or adulation. To this category of people, their satisfaction lies in the fact that they had a job to do and they did their best. Professor Faruk Rashid Haruna, former provost of Niger State College of education, Minna, and presently the provost of federal College of education, Kontagora, belongs in the class of silent and unassuming achievers.

Referred to variously as bulldozer, trailblazer, Julius Berger, and even a workaholic, Professor Haruna enjoys quite a reputation among students, academic and non-academic staff of the Federal College of education, Kontagora, where he currently plies his dexterous skill of reshaping structures and laying foundations for a sustainable legacy of achievements.

Since coming to office in April, 2018, Professor Haruna has recorded both tangible and intangible achievements to the amazement of the campus community and even external stakeholders of the College who have continued to marvel at the almost effortless manner with which the provost is delivering indelible impacts.

Among his many achievements, Professor Haruna successfully conducted hitchfree academic activities in 2018, 2019 and 2020 sessions, thus putting in place a stable and easily predicate calendar of academic activities.

In his unshaken commitment to staff development and general skill enhancement in the college, Professor Haruna organized capacity building workshop for staff within the College, while also sponsoring others for external conferences and workshop spanning the whole of years 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Adhering to the dictates of the digital evolution and the constant demands for ICT compliance in modern institutions of learning; Professor Haruna procured additional desktop computers for the ICT Centre of the College. Within the same period, the provost worked assiduously to ensure that the college recorded almost 100 percent success in the accreditation for undergraduate programmes in ISS, CRS, Hausa, and Arabic Languages.

An innovative man with a deep foresight, Professor Haruna equally prioritized the enhancement of the teaching and learning of sciences in the college, equipping the laboratories with re-agents, chemicals. He also bought a sizeable number of electronic equipments for language laboratory while at the same time undertaken the digitalization of the library and connecting it to Library of Congress, consequent upon which access was secured for the college students and lecturers to access large volumes of E-B00ks, journals and periodicals.

Of course, the provost must have been fully conscious of the need to boost the morale of both the staff and the students in order to achieve higher productivity in the areas of teaching and learning. He therefore gives adequate attention to the welfare of both students and academic staff.

Among numerous incentives initiated by Professor Haruna in the areas of staff and student welfare include; the amicable resolution of the over six years lingering industrial dispute on conversion/change of cadre of academic instructors; the facilitation and hosting of ICT based capacity building workshops in partnership with digital bridge Institute and Nigeria Communication Commission; the facilitation and release of Tetfund academic staff training, conference attendance, institutional based research and teaching practice intervention grants to the college; regular and up to date payment of salaries and allowances; provision of conducive offices for the staff; sponsorship of academic staff to conferences and workshops; sustaining a cordial relationship between the management and the unions in the College; sustaining and enhancing staff commitment and dedication to duty; ensuring the promotion of staff as at when due and the sponsorship of staff to pursue further studies and attain higher qualifications.

Of course as someone not given to extravagance and wasteful spending, the provost ensure the effective utilization of available resources while also monitoring the use of fund to prevent wastage.

*To be continued.





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