The Story And The Strides of Professor Faruk Rashid Haruna, Provost COE Kontagora (2)

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As someone with an inclusive style of administration, the students are not left out of Professor Haruna’s impressive and record breaking performance. Among other laudable package for the student community was the procurement of 3D double bunk beds for the hostels; establishment of Management and Information System (MIS) directorate to ease students’ registration, semester result processing and online check; prompt release of students Semester results; sustenance of a Cult-free environment and promotion of general safety for the entire students; complete renovation of two blocks of female hostels and five blocks of male hostels; complete repairs of two existing boreholes to boost water supply in the male hostels; renovation of burnt down home economics building; renovation and reactivation of one hundred computers and enhancing the connectivity in language laboratory, making it functional to full capacity and the procurement and installation of one hundred solar street lights.

In addition, there were also the procurement of sport equipments to enhance recreational and competitive sporting needs; installation of additional sixty (60) solar street lights donated to the college by the mainstream foundation, Federal Ministry of works and Hon. Idris Garba Mai solar; and the drilling of two motorized boreholes and construction of ten thousand gallons capacity overhead tank to male and female hostels.

In the area of building and enhancing the College’s physical structures, Professor Haruna has done impressively well. In 2018 alone, he rehabilitated the burnt Home Economics lab;
renovated the provost’s official lodge and office; procured vehicle for the use of the Provost’s office; renovated the new Admin Council Chamber; and completed the renovation of the College’s 1,500 meters perimeter fencing first phase (Northern and Southern Axis).

The Provost also procured a vehicle attached to the Registrar and Bursar’s offices; renovated the offices of  chief lecturers; construction of modern VIP toilets in the academic area and female hostels; procurement of 15 seater Toyota Bus;
procurement and installation of solar powered streetlights; furnishing of the classrooms in the school of secondary education and early childhood; furnishing of the physics, chemistry and Fine/Applied Arts Laboratories; and the construction of the storey office complex each for the schools of Secondary Education Arts and Social Sciences and the school of General education Programs with furnishing.

Not done, Professor Haruna also constructed a 250 capacity lecture theatre each for the School of Secondary Education Sciences and the school of Secondary Education, Language Programs with complete furnishing; constructed  the 46 seater ICT complex with equipment and furnishing; and also completed the construction of the 12 seating capacity Business Education Model Office complex with equipment and furnishing.

Other renovations include that of School of Secondary Education Language Programmes Lecture hall;  two (2) female hostels and four (4) male blocks with provision of toilets facilities; and refurbishment of the eleven (11) college utilities vehicles.

Under the incredible leadership of the trailblazing Provost, the following projects are currently ongoing. They include; construction of 1000 capacity multipurpose event center; construction of ultra-modern college library; construction of office complex for the school of Secondary education and science; procurement of one (1) Ambulance, Office furniture and ICT equipments; construction of perimeter fencing; renovation of Early Childhood Care Laboratory; construction of 1000 capacity ICT and E-learning Centre; furnishing of ICT Centre; drilling of Borehole Over-Head tank; construction and equipping the Science Laboratories for the School of Secondary Education Science Programmes.

Others include; construction and equipping of Science Laboratories for the School of Secondary Education Science Programmes; construction of new 400 capacity male hostel; renovation and expansion of the College clinic; renovation of one (1) block of female hostels and two (2) blocks of male hostels; provision of 240 solar Street light; renovation of Old Administration Block; and the construction of Resource Centre for the School of Secondary Education, Art& Social Science programmes.

As a man who is never satisfied with his own performance and always looking to break his own records; Professor Haruna has other laudable projects in plan. These include the construction of School of Early childhood Care, Primary, Adult and Non-Formal Education; construction of School of Secondary Education Language Programmes; renovation of Administrative Block to cover Chairman of Council, Deputy provost and Registrar’s offices; construction of language arts theatre for the school of Secondary Education Language Programmes;  construction of entrepreneurship centre as well as the construction of Guidance and Counselling Clinic.

Conscious of the place of security and safety in the general wellbeing of people, the Provost is not leaving the issue of security unattended. Aside the construction of the perimeter fence, there were installations of solar power CCTV cameras; the installation of solar powered street lights and the engagement of National Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) to work with internal college security apparatus.

Indeed, the achievements of Professor Faruk Rashid Haruna enumerated here are but a mere scratch on the surface of a huge performance portfolio. And it must have been the story and strides of Professor Haruna that earned the the Federal College of Education, Kontagora, which he presides over the attention and subsequent approval of President Muhammadu Buhari late January 2021 for the college to be elevated to a full fledged Federal University of education.

For those who have witnessed the changes and development witnessed by the institution, especially in the almost four years of Professor Haruna’s leadership wished and prayed that he will become the Vice Chancellor whenever the transition of the college to a university is fully completed. It is the belief of many, within and outside the COE, Kontagora, that it would be a greater luck for Niger State and Nigeria as a whole should Professor Faruk Haruna Rashid heads the university, given his reputation as a doer, a smart and brilliant administrator who is diligent and resourceful enough to speed up the progress of the impending new university.


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