TRENDING: ‘Oniduro Mi’ — The Issue With Flesh And The Forgetful Nature Of Humans

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By: Olumide Oyekunle.

I have carefully observed the public outbursts against Gospel Artiste, Tope Alabi and the rather unfortunate rant regarding the song, ‘Oniduro MI’, which can translate to My Guarantor, My Testator, My Pillar of Support, the One who stood by me etc. The composer used that phrase to reference God and appreciate Him and personally, the song is a soul lifter. I dance alone just by singing it without drums. The Spiritual energy that emerges from deep revelational understanding of that song can heal cancer and raise the dead. Very Powerful!

However, after listening to Tope Alabi’s ranting in the now viral video, I was shocked but not also shocked. The reason is that the best of man is still a man. Even those of us who are teachers of the Word and our Pastors too can goof. The book of James tells us, “Indeed, we all make many mistakes. For if we could control our tongues, we would be perfect and could also control ourselves in every other way.” James 3:2.NLT. Every man or woman that talks will “offend” as the KJV puts it. Except you don’t communicate with your mouth will you not offend at one time or the other.

Yes, Tope Alabi offended and goofed. It can happen. Yet, I reckon that for about 2 decades, this woman has dropped albums that have made tremendous impact in people’s lives. She sells more albums in fact, than many secular artists in Nigeria. North, West, South, East, even among Muslims, her song, though in Yoruba still sell like craze out there and are evergreen. What happened was flesh and Jesus told a mob trying to stone a woman to death for adultery, “he who has not sinned should throw the first stone.” The Bible recorded it that they all dropped their stones and shamefully left the place. The woman was saved from public stoning and humiliation.

Human beings can easily forget the good things you’ve done in the past and hold on to one thing you failed to do. If you’ve been good a thousand times, have it in mind that the one time you will do wrong will attract greater public stoning than the thousand good deeds. People love to proclaim your errors than your treasures. The media is always looking for our mistakes to publish too especially if you’re a public figure. Tope Alabi is just like us. She can misyarn and err, but to forgive is God.

She never in fact, called out the name of the initial composer of the song. She only stated her own thing as human as she is. Many said she’s jealous. No, I don’t think so. Why would she be jealous of the composer and amplifier Adeyinka Alaseyori? She has been consistently at the top for years and she’s the envy of many. International exposure, concerts, top hits, bestsellers and inspirational, soul lifting songs, she has more than any of these people. In fact, the major reference to Alaseyori’s profile that was seen online was the dance steps where she was doing leg work and body moves that is not even worthy of a Gospel Artiste or Evangelist. Funny enough, people won’t see that now because Tope has become a villain. She should beware too. “Hosanna today, crucify him tomorrow” is how people behave.

So what? The flesh we all carry about is a bastard. If we don’t put it under control, this is what it can cause. Let’s not ostracize Tope Alabi just as God hasn’t done away with us. When we correct, let’s correct in love and not give room for the devil. Let us look at ourselves in the mirror and understand how fragile we are, and how the Grace of God and His love has covered multitude of sins.

Who am I to judge Tope Alabi? Me, a bloody sinner saved by Amazing Grace.

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