‘Why I chose to stick with Gov. Abdulrahman’ — Yahaya Seriki

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… Requests ASKOMP support for APC ahead of campaigns

Businessman and politician, Ambassador Abdulfatah Yahaya Seriki yesterday met with the Association of Kwara Online Media Practitioners (ASKOMP) in his Ilorin home.

Seriki, who is also called Eleniyan by his supporters and admirers, explained why he chose to remain with Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, while also expressing the desire that politics in Kwara would be played with greater maturity, noting that “politics should not be do or die.”

Speaking on his political journey since joining active politics in 2007, Ambassador Seriki observed that he had not had the privilege to compete in a general election, even though he was an aspirant in 2011, 2015 and 2022. In his words, “I have not had the opportunity to emerge in a general election but I am very optimistic that my time will come. I invested heavily in APC and people expect that I will be leaving the party. I am not desperate, I am only interested in making life better for the people of my State.”

Ambassador Abdulfatah Yahaya Seriki (In white) in a group photograph with members of Association of Kwara Online Media Practitioners (ASKOMP)

Projecting a friendly disposition towards the opposition political tendency in the State, the miner cum politician said he had enormous respect for the late strongman of Kwara politics, Dr. Abubakar Olusola Saraki, noting that the late politician tried his best to grow Kwara politics in his lifetime. He also noted that the former senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki remains his leader with whom he shares mutual respect, although they currently belong to different political parties.

Speaking on the leadership of Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, Ambassador Yahaya Seriki said he is of the opinion that, while the governor might have hurt some people within the APC in Kwara, he is however working to set Kwara up for a prosperous future.

“It on this note I decide to stay with Abdulrazaq government. The best thing any government can do for the people to insure them against adversaries is education. Abdulrazaq is doing wonderfully well in this area. Another area that won my heart over is how the Governor is breeding young people into leadership position. This is very important, because for a long time we have been clamouring for change of faces and bringing of fresh ideas to doing things. I am always happy on how Abdulrazaq is making sons and daughters of nobody becoming somebody,” he said.

Ambassador Yahaya Seriki, who said he had been in the mining business for close to three decades, said he had nothing to hide, and therefore appeals to people who made attempts to defame him to desist, stating that it is appalling “when people go around tarnishing the image of young people striving on their own.”

L-R: Mr. Nafiu Toyin Abdulqadri (Editor, INSIDER NG), Ambassador Abdulfatah Yahaya Seriki and Mr. Shola Taofeeq, Chairman of ASKOMP

While appealing to the media to support the government of Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, the former APC senatorial aspirant pledged that his party would run a peaceful campaign because, according to him, “Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has made the work so easy with his style of leadership. He is so focused on Kwara development and his works will speak for him to emerge for the second term to lead Kwara to greatness.”

Responding, the Chairman of Association of Kwara Online Media Practitioners (ASKOMP) who doubles as the publisher of INFORMANT247, Shola Taofeeq thanked Yahaya Seriki for his established reputation of helping young people regardless of the political camps they belong. He urged the politician to continue to be good example to young people across Kwara State and beyond, praying that he would live for the State to benefit more from his wealth of experience and philanthropism.

The ASKOMP Chairman, however, reiterated that the body will continue to be fair to all and uphold the ethics of journalism as we get busy in the wake of the 2023 electioneering period.

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