100 days in office: Abdulrazaq’s campaign manifesto still a wish list – ANRP

By Balkis Tijani.

The Kwara State chapter of the Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP), has remarked on Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq’s first 100 days in office.

In a chat with INSIDER, the state party chairman, Ade Alabi noted that Governor Abdulrazaq’s campaign promises were still a wish list until proven otherwise.

Alabi argued that the basic and needed governance parameters were lacking in the current administration.

He also alleged that sycophants, cabals, and unrepentant party members with inordinate yearnings for public funds still lurk around the governor.

“Up to this moment, the basic and needed governance parameters to convince me are apparently not in place!

“So, to me the Campaign Manifestos of the ruling “O TO GE” government in Kwara still remain a wish list until proven otherwise!

“It’s too early to celebrate because sycophants, cabals, career politicians and unrepentant party members who believe in ‘Spend Public Money’ on politics and party loyalists are still very close to his corridor of governance.

“There is also underground rancour of conflict of interest which is not healthy for a state hoping for deliverance from devastation and despondency”, he said.

In his response to whether the governor was on a vendetta mission as a result of some perceived unpopular decisions he had taken upon assumption of office, the Kwara ANRP chairman said: “What does the suspension of the elected Local Government Executive Chairmen across the 16 LGAs amount to?

“I leave the question to Kwarans to answer. He (Abdulrazaq) should please desist from toeing the path of the old order.

“Kwarans are earnestly waiting for his reset buttons to reposition the state for better standard of living.”

Alabi advised the governor to shun politics of retaliation without established convincing evidence and due process within the ambit of the law.

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