Nigerian Models Parade Unveils Iconic Team

By Nimi Princewill.

The convener of Nigerian Models Parade, Emmanuel Amuwo has unveiled the pioneer team to pilot the maiden edition of Nigerian Models Parade coming up later in the year.

The team, which comprises iconic models, such as Hannah Akinsola, Naomi, Dennis, Roxy, Hilary, Elemi Cletus, Awolaja Kayode (tyrex) and other passion-driven individuals, remains resolute and unrelenting in its promise to not only make the event global, but ensure values which will reposition the modeling industry in Nigeria and Africa at large are upheld.

See the team members and their motivation towards the Nigerian Models Parade event:

Mr. Awolaja Obafemi Kayode (aka tyrex)
(Publicity Director)

“The team members have seen this as a service to humanity, as millions of models in Africa will forever be grateful.”

Mr. Hilary
(Project Creative Director)

“The impact of the event will cut across sectors which will as well lead to societal reformation.”

Mr. Dennis, Season 10 Gulder Ultimate Search winner
(Organizing Director)

“Nigerian Models Parade is a saving grace for the modeling industry and should be embraced by all stakeholders.”

The Ultimate Man turned model and actor, assures African models that the event will change the way the industry has been perceived.

Elemi Cletus, Fashion Model (aka vj-ktoolz)
(Project Head PR)

“I believe the team members will be a voice for millions.”

The fashion model, was the anchor at the briefing. Having experienced both the good and bad times in the field, he swiftly connected with the models.

Mrs Azubuike elizabeth
(Head, Collation Unit)

While thanking the team for a successful briefing, expressed her surprise at the reception the project has gotten so far.

“Truly, models have long waited for this and can’t hold back their excitement.”

Ms. Helen Agboola, Current Miss Cleaner Lagos
(Assistant Publicity Director)

She expressed fulfilment so far, while looking forward to the event to further showcase models as the salt of the world.

Mr. Odunayo Kazeem
(Head, Attestation Unit)

While expressing positivity about the event, revealed that, “all the models were meant to sign an agreement so as to avoid misunderstanding and conflicts. The models could not hesitate to sign as they realize the agreement was more to their advantage, which further gives credibility to the project.”

Mr. Roxy, Actor and Model
(Project Coordinator)

Emphasized on why brands should leverage on this value oriented event whose objectives are life changing tools for African models.

Mrs Hannah Akinsola
(Project Executive Coordinator)

Reiterates her belief in the capacity of the team.

“The selection of every member of the team was as a result of their competencies and individual passion towards the growth of the industry.”

Emmanuel Amuwo
(General Coordinator)

“Nigerian Models Parade will not just create relevance for Nigerian/ African models, but will also lead to expansion and growth of the industry.”

Other members of the team are:
Uzoamaka Odinmma: Admin
Naomi Isibor: Project Secretary
Folarin Badejo: Creative
Adejobi Bukunmi: Data analyst
Esther: Admin
Grace: Grouping Unit

IG: @nigerianmodelsparade

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  1. Rebuilding the modelling industry is our aim and together we can make it happen….. kudos to all the great team members. ??together we are stronger!!!

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