Ali Ahmad: Kwara Voters Whipped Us, But Saraki Dynasty Will Survive

By Balkis Tijani

The outgoing speaker of Kwara State House of Assembly, Dr. Ali Ahmad, said the political tsunami that consumed the Saraki political dynasty was not as a result of the ingenuity of the opposition politicians but rather a reflection of the anger of Kwara people against the government of Dr. Abdulfatah Ahmed

Ahmad, who spoke to select Journalists in Ilorin, said anybody flying APC ticket could have won elections in Kwara in 2019 because, according to him, “it is not they that the people voted for. It is we that people voted out.”

Explaining what transpired at the polls which resulted in the total defeat of the Saraki political group to which he belongs, Dr. Ahmad noted that “They (voters) never cared who was on that ballot. It is this government that the people were tired of and booted out. We never had that feeling of disaffection or what we have done wrong. The people have ‘kobokoed’ us.

“Now we are feeling the pains. We will correct ourselves and appeal to the people that we have changed for another come back.”

While reiterating his conviction that the Saraki political dynasty will survive the current political challenge, the Speaker prophesied that he is “sure the dynasty will definitely bounce back but only God knows when”.

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