APC youth wing disowns Abdulrazaq, blames him for gatecrashing party meeting

By Ibrahim Solaudeen.

The Kwara State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) youth wing, the All Progressives Youth Forum (APYF), has reacted to the alleged maltreatment of a frontline youth mobilizer of the party and convener of Kwara Must Change (KMC), Mr. Hamzat Abdulrazaq.

In a statement yesterday by its Coordinator, Mr. Tunde Salau, Kwara APYF reaffirmed its loyalty to the party and its leaders across board, expressing its preparedness to continue to spearhead initiatives that will keep the party united.

Specifically reacting to the alleged ill treatment meted on one of the frontline youth leaders of the party when he attempted to join a meeting at the party chairman’s house, Salau noted that “APYF has kept mute and has instead been making consultation on how to settle the rift, if there was any, between the Governor and the Party. But to be very blunt, Hamzat was not supposed to have gone to the chairman’s house uninvited when a meeting of the party stakeholders was ongoing, considering the stand of the KMC on the acclaimed rift.

“We have really struggled to get this far and while we were striving to ensure there is harmonious relationship between the Governor and the Party, Hamzat went ahead to start another problem. We wouldn’t tolerate any act that is capable of dividing us.

“We are APYF and we are peaceful and not desperate. We promote anything that will harmonize youths in Kwara, not create division. We have known the Governor and Hon. Bashir Bolarinwa for years and we have always known both of them to be very industrious and gentle men. Kwara youths will remain one under our leaders.

“No amount of ranting from any group would lead to the removal of the chairman or any other executives of the party. They all struggled for this feat. We were all living witnesses when this same man (party chairman) coordinated the party with the Governor and even went as far as kneeling down to other aspirants to support the Governor.

“Once again, (Hamzat should not) bring the APYF Kwara into this and we would not tolerate anyone or any group who disrespects our leaders,” the statement concludes.

However, Hamzat has described his ordeal as a case of ‘transfer of aggression’ by the party chairman, Alhaji Bashir Bolarinwa, whom he said was burdened by the “ongoing political tension” within the Kwara APC.

According to Hamzat, “the political development within the APC seems to have taken its toll on the chairman’s team to the extent that they could no longer recognise the people calling for his resignation, thereby putting the blame on an innocent person and group.

“What prompted this unfortunate development was simply the mention of the name, Kwara Must Change. Immediately this name was heard, the personal assistant to Honourable Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa suddenly turned violent, accusing the group of being behind the call for the resignation of the chairman. This happened before any other thing was said.

“An attempt to correct the misinformation and say that Kwara Must Change was not behind the call for BOB’s resignation led to the escalation of piled up anger, which probably emanated from the fact that Kwara Must Change online platforms are used to promote different contents, irrespective of the sources.

“It should be noted that if an individual appeared in a private residence, properly introduced himself and explained the reason for his visit, could such an individual be accused of impersonation?

To my understanding, If such person is an unwanted guest, all that should be done is to ask such person to leave. But this didn’t happen.”

Meanwhile, an aide to the party chairman has released an unsigned statement in which he claimed that Alhaji Bolarinwa did not order policemen to arrest Hamzat.

“It is important to make some clarification as regards the rumor going round the social media on the alleged arrest of one Razaq Hamzat.

“At no occassion did the APC Party Chairman, Alhaji Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa ordered the arrest of Hamzat nor did he use his attached security men to harass him,” the statement claimed.

Narrating what transpired, the statement said Hamzat was arrested because he impersonated a party stakeholder from Ilorin West local government in order to secure entrance into the venue of the meeting.

“While the meeting was ongoing, Hamzat came to the venue wanting to enter, but as usual, security would ask for details and unfortunately for him, his name was not on the list of those that were to be at the meeting.

“In an attempt by Hamzat to force himself into the venue where All APC LG chairmen were having meeting with BOB, he told the security man at the entrance to the venue that he was a stakeholder from Ilorin west local Government and also from Kwara Must Change.

“On the background security information gathered and false representation by Hamzat, the security men detained him for alleged impersonation and thuggery. But after a while, when the meeting was over, the security men released him to go his way in peace without being tortured.”

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