Atiku vs Buhari: Ex-APC chieftain raises alarm ahead of Sept 13 tribunal ruling

By Shola Abayomi.

A former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Comrade Timi Frank has accused the Presidential Election Petition Court of planning to “use technicalities like in the Osun election case to rule in favour of the APC and Buhari.”

Timi Frank, who spoke ahead of the September 13 ruling, also alleged that the APC had bought over the Justices of the Appeal Court.

He wondered why the APC was already boasting of victory when the judgement was yet to be given.

He added that Nigerians and the entire world are aware of what transpired during the presidential election, stressing that the judgement will prove to the international community if Nigeria’s democracy was truly independent or a puppet of the executive.

“As the Presidential Election Petition Court’s Justices are putting finishing touches to their judgment, I want them to know that Nigerians and the whole world are eagerly watching.

“The entire world knows the truth and what transpired during the last presidential election in Nigeria. From this judgment, Nigerians and the international community will know if indeed our judiciary is independent or a lackey and puppet of the executive.

“These Justices should know that their judgment can make or mar Nigeria. Therefore let them focus on the substance of the issues already canvassed and the incontrovertible evidence tendered before them as they write their judgements.

“I know this is not going to be easy but the Justices must step up and stand by the truth and give the right judgment as Nigerians are already aware that the panel is planning to use technicalities like in the Osun election case to rule in favour of the APC and Buhari.

“Little wonder that the APC is already boasting that the judgment will be 4-1 in their favour. How did the APC know a judgment that is yet to be given? Is it because they have bought over the Justices of the Appeal Court now about to deliver their ruling?” the former APC chieftain queried.

He reiterated that the judges were under intense pressure to manipulate their ruling in favor of the APC.

He enjoined the judges to leverage on the opportunity to write their names in gold and correct the perception of Nigerians who see most of them as having been compromised by the APC.

“I have credible information that the Justices are under enormous pressure to sway the imminent judgment in favour of Buhari and the APC. They must resist this pressure as the future of Nigeria is at stake.

“The ball is the court of the Justices to do the right thing as Nigerians have done their bit by casting their votes for their preferred candidates during the presidential election.

“The Justices must rise up and use this opportunity to write their names in gold. Even though Nigerians see most of them as having been heavily compromised and manipulated by the APC and the presidency to get favourable judgments, I urge them to stand up for Nigerians and not for selfish individual.

“I pray that God gives the Justices the courage to deliver the right judgment as there is speculation that the judges have been compromised by the APC and Gen Buhari.

“I believe that the judges will shun the fraudulent influence of the APC and General Buhari and instead rule according to their conscience and their oath of office which is to do good to all manner of persons without affection or ill will”, he said.

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