Towards a New Narrative on Digital Journalism

On the eve of joining the INSIDER, I was inundated with a variety of thoughts; all tilting towards: “what makes this online newspaper different from the others?”
This question is particularly pressing at a time when trust in news is at a remarkable low. The online space has been blacklisted as a community with an abundant resource of fake, unverified and bias news reporting; so, why should our audience trust us? And then it hit me! We are the INSIDER, and we are your window to the news!
Our very intense lust for credible news reportage (from within) fuels our vision and will prompt the editorial direction of the INSIDER Newspaper under my watch as Managing Editor.
Leveraging on the exponential growth of mobile technology in Africa, and of course, change in media news consumption patterns (considering that many more people now consume news on their mobile devices), the INSIDER is positioned as a new generation online newspaper that appeals to the increasingly sophisticated young news readers, providing informed commentaries and news based on credible information and reliable sources.
The INSIDER is a one-stop shop for general interest news, and a news medium of choice for information regarding select States in Nigeria; particularly in the north central.
In a bid to connect in deep and personal ways with our vast audience, we’ll be asking more voices from different perspectives to join our contributor network and describe their experiences in their own words through opinion pieces.
We’re also looking beyond the news. We’re giving equal focus to the things that bring us joy and thrills, like lifestyle, sports and entertainment.
We aim to make the INSIDER the news source of choice for people everywhere. We are poised to reset the narrative about digital journalism and make it, once again, an essential and trusted part of online news readers.
What stories aren’t being told by the mainstream media?
Nimi Princewill
*Managing Editor*

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