FEATURED: Alh. Lukman O. Mustapha: A Rare, Marvellous Nobel Model @50

By Salihu Ridwan Onimasa.

There’s no better day to tell of an optimal personality gifted as a blessing to humanity than today (July 10), which stands not only as a birthday worthy of celebration, but also a remarkable landmark worthy of glorification. Indeed, your adorable uniqueness garners for you lots of admiration, for you are an incubator, an investor in leaders (youths). Celebrating an enigma is beyond a pleasure, it’s an acknowledgment of a special creation of Allah that shouldn’t be taken with levity but gravity.

Some will say he’s the CEO, Sobi FM, call him a renowned banker, or a chartered accountant, when asked “who is Lukman Olayiwola Mustapha”. They are neither wrong nor absolutely ignorant because even his biography will only give answers to his birth, family background, educational background, certifications/curriculum vitae.

Have you ever imagined the flowing of an angel among human? Characterized with unending eleemosynary and evident moral excellence.

Words are not enough to appreciate God for your life which is a beacon of hope for the hopeless and an inspiration to numerous that live optimistically on dreams that are accompanied by passion and compassion. Your patriotism, selflessness and bridge-building capacity have manifested in unprecedented administrative and socio-political excellence, undisputable social investment and liberation of our dear state.

The exploits of your predominant tenacity with advocacies in every facet of humanity are testimonies to your exceptional leadership and uncommon vision for coming generations. Even if all seems to be a familiar appraisal, I will still emphatically say you’re always on adventures of commitment to ensuring ability where there’s disability and stability where there’s instability.

Dear mentor, it is most important for me to avow the coincidence of our conclave that has given me the opportunity of choosing a befitting mentor with amazing sense of humility and heartwarming sense of tolerance. My individuality has a far reaching passion for success, development, impact and philanthropy. Definitely, one must be developed for ability to develop just like an empowered who eventually grew to empower. And there’s no empowerment that is as paramount as your mentorship.

The pervading interest of leading people through the dark is synonymous to progressive development, as the genuine recognition of you magnanimous philosophy that has basis for unity, peace and progress is undisputably essential to the human race and the absence of such is of course a bane of human woe. Or how can one describe the encyclopedic intelligence that inspires, kindheartedness that reflects in every bit of your engagements as well as the enviable capacity for human socioeconomic development that’s capable of turning a desert to a plantation.

I’m pleasurably obliged to appreciate your kind gestures (I’m sure you will read this with an instinct of “what did I do?”), no matter how little or insignificant you see it, I wholeheartedly hold all in high esteem because, even an ordinary observation of your actions and inactions is enough to be grateful for a learning opportunity that last till eternity. Among which are the imbibition of spirit of giving/philanthropy, reinstatement of that of sacredness and increase in the passion to acquire knowledge dynamically. I believe no one will argue with the facts that all aforementioned are beneficial here and even hereafter. Accept this as my profound gratitude sir.

No one lives a unique life than someone whose personality radiates the purpose(s) of existence with incredible dynamism, and no man has become prestigious without investing in the blueprints of knowledge and humanity. It’s on this note you’re being regarded as a hero. Among some undeniable facts which even your enemies will either sing about you or mute, but not otherwise, is the level of consciousness at which you uphold social responsibility, political solidarity, with unparalleled dexterity.

Whether a man lags behind or moves ahead in his specialty is a matter of his own personal application. LOM’s philosophy about leadership is distinctive, uncompromised and nonegocentric. I found the same in the words of Mwai Kibaki “Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others, not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed”. I recall one of the scenarios on a faithful night, when you discussed with me, the essence of entrepreneurship and prospect of and prosperity in self employment after the victory of 2019 polls. I raised an objection, and you fed me with facts and later with assurance of realistic opportunities that shall be committed in ensuring youth development in Kwara state. Then I linked it with your statement written as inscription on one of your campaign flyers as governorship aspirant and captain of Kwara rebirth social movement.

“There are so many opportunities left untapped by the current status quo that can better lots of our people for deliberate reason. Just to make the majority depend on the very meager minority”. This is similar to my assertion that “they (out gone government) deliberately enhanced poverty in order to ensure stern followership”
At this juncture, I feel weak and exhausted but neither do I suffer from diarrhea of mouth nor constipation of thought, therefore, I sigh and say GOD BLESS THE DAY YOU WERE BORN! All shall be witnesses for you and not against you on the day of qiyaomah (resurrection).

LOM’s proclivity for transformation, his concern on the deplorable state of Kwara where people are wallowing in poverty, where every sector is in despair… necessitated his untiring efforts, sacrifices and formidable strategies that facilitated the ‘O to ge liberation’ of the 2019 Kwara general elections. It is noteworthy to affirm his unsung philosophical contributions to the present ‘Kwara that works for all’ with innovative framework (supports in all ramification) which is born out of desire for unalloyed fidelity and humanitarian fulfilments. I would have loved to share some facts and figures to buttress this assertion but you forbid such.

“Thinking success conditions one’s mind to create plans that produce success. Thinking failure does the exact opposite”. It’s not a gainsay as it’s vivid beyond microscopic scrutiny that your ambition was a visionary mission, not just an intention to become a governor. You only aspired for liberation, transformation, people’s welfare and progressive development, as against the regrettable stagnation we suffered from the inefficiencies of the immediate past government/dynasty.

Success is more of achievement than victory, and you’ve achieved the fulfilments of your aspiration. Even though circumstances thought us that the game of politics is tough and dirty, you summoned the courage and took it upon yourself to ensure the unimaginable liberation because of the fact that political positions are vacuum that must not be filled by evil individuals to manage and mismanage the present and the future.

Jerry Weinberg told a story about an astronomer giving a talk at a garden club. The astronomer was describing the “big bang” theory of how the universe began. At the end of the discussion a woman at the back of the room spoke out, “Young man, that’s not the way it is. The world is actually supported on the back of a large turtle.”

The astronomer, somewhat used to unusual theories, replies calmly, “And what is that turtle resting on?” The woman responded just calmly, “On another turtle, of course.” Now the astronomer was sure he had her. “And what is that turtle resting on, pray tell?” The woman smiled serenely and said with absolute confidence, “Oh, no, you don’t, it’s turtles all the way down!”

I have given this some thoughts, and in doing so, I came to the conclusion that the only people to whom we could honestly recommend for leadership for the sake of prosperity and justice are those who (A) Ideally manage people, (B) Reciprocally managed by people, or (C) Deeply live around or know people in category A or B. Just as life, leadership is about turtle by turtle and turtle all the way down to ensure sustainability.

When I compare successful and unsuccessful systems, I came to realise that almost all of the successes hinged on the performance of a small number of outstanding technical leaders. Some of them are consistent sources of innovative technical ideas, some are interpreters of other people’s ideas, some are inventors, some are negotiators, some are teachers, while some are team leaders. What distinguishes them
from their less successful colleagues is a rare combination of technical expertise and leadership skills.

The golden son of Alkali Mustapha is unarguably a technocrat, definitely an outstanding leader and indeed a mentor to numerous. The combination of every admirable human attribute that is inherent in you has been defined with perfection and greatness overtime. “He who does good shall prosper” it’s the verdict of Allah, and only him knows how to reward you more as I wish you greater heights in the nearest future sir.

I prefer spending any good time with you to spending many good times with them, I prefer working with you to playing with them, I prefer smiling with you to laughing in their company, I prefer recalling your memories to listening to them; those that are as successful as you are but, lack the virtue you possess. When I remember you in my current life, I feel happy and when I think of the future, I feel hopeful. Though, I didn’t come in the time of the prophet, and I wasn’t born with a single knowledge of the past but I’m fortunate to meet someone who explore the facts related to our religion and the generous noble life of the prophet as revealed.

HEARTY FELICITATIONS ON A GOLDEN GLORIOUS AGE SIR! I celebrate your eminence today and always, and I consistently pray that Almighty Allah continues to protect, guide, nurture and grant you everlasting grace and favours throughout your life. May Allah elevate you to heights of honor and greatness beyond the wishes of the well wishers, and watch over your home, businesses and other endeavors. And to your parents, may Allah forgive our dead mother and bless our living father, Amin. Once again, HAPPY GOLDEN JUBILEE SIR!

Salihu Ridwan Onimasa

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