FEATURED: Jubilee of Excellence: Omoluabi @50

By Tajudeen Habeeb.

In measuring human existence, the majority have concluded that it is neither on the basis of age nor affluence but influence. It’s widely adjudged to be determined by impacts you make, the values you projected and the contributions made towards the general good of humanity.

Premised on this widely accepted principle, there’s no way we want to measure his life, that, history will not record Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi as a man of honor and excellence not only for his colourful political accomplishment but for the remarkable leadership vacuum he fills in a Nigeria- state, which is not blessed to have many like him.

Quite admirably, in few days to come when Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi will be 50 years on the surface of the earth, he wouldn’t be clocking 50 years of existence in number, but jubilee of worthy legacy and achievement.

How much more fulfillment can one think of than seeing many youngsters dreaming to be like you and aspiring to be you.

That’s how a great man is known. That’s what excellent leadership means. It is a credence to years of excellence the man dubbed Omoluabi lives.

One day, when he was asked what he thinks was the peak of his accomplishment in life, the patriotic Abdullahi said with sobriety that, it was sitting at the Central Executive Council meeting of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a 42year – old man. He said it came tops because it afforded him a stake in deciding the fate of more than 150 million Nigerians, whose peaceful, progressive and prosperous existence greatly means much to him.

I noticed the confession was not only made out of passion and compassion but also to serve as inspiration and encouragement to the young people considering his background.

Omoluabi, as he’s called by people for his untainted morals as exemplified by identified traits of dignity, hardwork and decency inherent in his character, is also in relentless pursuit of knowledge. Not only that he has lived his life demonstrating the importance of good education as a reputable writer of international acclaim with several award-winning books, including The Sweet Sixteen, On A Platter Of Gold among others, Mallam Bolaji displays ambience and positive influence of education and morality in his everyday conduct.

A man of exemplary character. He told me one day when our relationship had just begun, that he had served in many capacities and not for once had he ever been indicted of fund misappropriation. At first, I found it incredulous and took it for a political talk, before I decided to embark on research to ascertain his claims. I was sure, since he was/is a politician, of finding something maybe a report, article or news story to nail him. Behold, I found none! And that endeared him to me. To me, only an Omoluabi takes on a political assignment with no negative dints.

In what is perhaps, the most recent demonstration of his uncanny leadership abilities and capabilities, he said after the not-too- palatable experience at his party gubernatorial primaries which he accepted as against people’s expectation that; “Taju, if you aspire to grow you must keep on learning, at every opportunity. You must never forget. Please do. Look for courses that can improve your understanding, wherever you have impediments let me know”. And truthfully, he has been living up to that, supporting where necessary.

Every time I spend with My Mentor makes me feel like I know nothing. Mallam Bolaji will divulge all he knows and requires to teach you. What do you expect considering his experience and status, there’s no measurement of how greatly he has impacted me and several other young people politically and educationally in the past few years.

I don’t know if it’s within the ambit of decency to state that Omoluabi is the knowledge bank where I tap the unlearned teachings not available in the four walls of the university. Most notably, the mind to analyse governance and policies from an informed perspective is unconnected to his tutelage.

Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi is a great man who became Deputy Editor of a reputable news platform at 32, a Chevening Scholar to Special Assistant, Special Adviser, State Commissioner, up to the Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria before becoming the Publicity Secretary of a national political party, all under the age of 50. How much more do you measure greatness and excellence?

He has been the pride of all around him; family, friends, and associates. An inspiration to his numberless proteges and mentees. A man committed to his principles and values. A responsible husband and father. A consummate planner and executioner, administrator extraordinary.

I celebrate this feat, dear mentor. Today and beyond.

If you were ever asked how much impact you have made in your commitment towards youth development, just myself is enough for you. Point at me, Omoluabi!

As you celebrate this landmark, may the good Lord continue His blessings and mercy on you and your entire household.

Here’s to five decade of excellence; in abundance and prosperity.

Happy Golden Jubilee, Omobolaji!

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