Governor Abdulrazaq’s 30 Days In Office: What Citizens Are Saying

By Balkis Tijani.

Those close to His Excellency, Gov. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq said he is fixated with the ‘100 days in office’ tradition. The governor was said to have confided in people close to him that he plans to make a statement by the time his government clocks 100 days. But now that 30 out of the 100 days are gone, it may be necessary to begin to track the progress of a government built on the ‘Iseya’ (it’s time for work) slogan propagated by the governor himself.

INSIDER sought the opinions of Kwara citizens on the performance or prospects of the current government. Ibraheem Solaudeen compiled some of the views.

See below:

Matthew Dennis: “Gov Razaq’s 30days achievements: appointment of SSG, CPS, Amiru Hajj, filling of potholes, then landmark achievement is Touring! Touring Touring! Touring!”

Abdulrazak Popoola: “I hope we have not invited wolves to guide our sheep flock! May A.A succeed.”

Azeez Idowu: “The performance so far to me, is satisfactory. What is expected of a serious-minded government upon assumption of duty is carrying out feasibility studies and consultation, so as to have a first hand information about work done so far and to devise how best to tackle the problems based on the available resources. This is exactly what HE has been doing so far, and I think it will help him in his effort to build the Kwara of our dream.”

Abdulkareem Onilemarun: “30-day old Government should never be commended yet, every new stockbroker wants to entice the entity before they begin to recount the cause of bear market to the stakeholders.”

Wurah Kharmal: “Judging by what we have seen, he looks fit and ready for the job… Had my thoughts about his knowledge of the local terrain as he never lived among ‘us’ but his exquisite presentation, calm demeanor and almost a sense of ready made solution (extensive collaboration with expertise within and outside the state) for all questions thrown at him by a radio host (don’t know if it’s live or on a repeat mode) really did blow me off.”

Haliru Mashood (Batuta): “His schedule is okay. But he must try to react fast on backlog of arrears, especially all tertiary institutions, including SUBEB staff. More so, basically on 18000 minimum wage.”

Yakub Fatihu Isaiq: “Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has been the governor which all Kwarans have been expecting. I pray his intention for Kwara comes true.”

Others reacted to the governor’s radio tour in commemoration of his 30 days in office.

Onilemarun: “Shior! my Gomina was even reading from a prepared statement. It is called an arrangee session. So what’s the shout about the digital AA when the none digitalised Maigida will give you facts and figure from his digital brain.”

Tunde Salihu: “I listened to part of the broadcast and I am appreciative of the man’s deep understanding of the terrain. I just hope he can select committed Kwarans to help him carry out his restoration agenda.”

Ishola Omo Kwara: “The Governor did not say anything that is worth putting in media for the whole of an hour ..I’m angry because there are other things I could have done with that one hour. #ItWasAPoorOuting.”

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