Kwara Trade Fair 2019 engages Insider Newspaper as media partner

By Balkis Tijani.

Insider Newspaper is set to partner with Kwara Trade Fair 2019, organized by CEO BOKADO Integrated NIG Ltd (Olodo Oyin Islamiyat), as this year’s exhibition gets underway in creating visibility, networking and collaboration for entrepreneurs in Kwara State.

As official media partner, Insider Newspaper will support, plan and execute through its communication strategy, all information pertaining to the forthcoming exhibition; highlighting its benefits to business owners.

Kwara Trade Fair 2019, is a sharp upgrade from previous editions in the state, as this year’s edition transcends beyond product exhibition.

With full support of the state government, who’d be partnering to bring sales and marketing experts to educate 300 entrepreneurs in the state on digital marketing / product branding, the one-day event will be a blend of knowledge and opportunity, availing entrepreneurs in Kwara State the opportunity to be visible while also being mentored by experts.

The 2019 Kwara Trade Fair slated to hold on August 3, is a sterling opportunity for Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Kwara State.

More information can be gotten on the following social media handles:

Instagram – kwaratradefair2019
Facebook – kwaratradefair2019
Twitter – @kwaratradefair1

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