Mohammed Alao Wins Kwara United’s Player of the Season Award

The Kwara Development Group, led by Olaide Ahli, has announced Mohammed Alao as the 23/24 Kwara United Player of the Season. This recognition is a testament to Alao’s outstanding performance and dedication to the team. Under Ahli’s leadership, the Kwara Development Group is committed to promoting excellence and celebrating achievements in the sports community.

According Alhi, the esteemed award is sponsored by Ahmed Lawal, CEO of Hairsense Unisex Salon, and was presented to Mohammed Alao after a rigorous voting process that took into account numerous nominations.

“Alao’s outstanding performance and unwavering dedication throughout the season made him the clear winner of this prestigious honor. His exceptional skills, tireless work ethic, and passion for the sport have earned him widespread recognition and admiration from fans, teammates, and the broader football community, solidifying his well-deserved win.”

The Kwara Development Group offers sincere congratulations to all nominees recognized for their exceptional performances, which significantly contributed to Kwara United’s success.

“The remarkable talent, dedication, and hard work of all Kwara United Players have raised the bar, making this award a celebration of excellence.”

By initiating and packaging this recognition, the Kwara Development Group reaffirms its commitment to nurturing growth and distinction within the community. The group also expresses its profound gratitude to the entire Kwara United team, including players, coaches, staff, and supporters, whose collective efforts and unwavering support made the season a resounding success.

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