Mounting concerns as Kwara Gov keeps mute on appointments


By Nimi Princewill.

In defiance of his high-spirited “Iseya” (work has started) slogan which he charged his supporters with in triumph over their episodic skepticism of his ability to proceed at a fast pace in changing the fortunes of Kwara State, Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq is yet to hit the ground running in proof of his preparedness for the rigors of governance.

Just more than 48 hours after the swearing-in of elected public officers, the media has been agog with series of impressions and engagements being generated by some new governors who have gotten their feet wet: making/reversing appointments, initiating new legislation, tearing down white elephant projects initiated by their predecessor, etc.

Whether or not their actions appear plausible or vindictive is a fiery debate for another day. But it is instructive to note their preparedness and intense zeal in creating a new wave of change, and of course, ensuring a ‘departure from the past.’

With the perceived sluggish leadership style of the new Kwara administration, political observers in the state have made demands for prompt cabinet appointments, and more emphatically on the set up of an official media team or spokesperson for the government.

In reaction to Governor Abdulrazaq’s political itinerary being bereft of a spokesperson, a concerned citizen of the State stated, “Arbitrary posts about the Governor’s activities everywhere. He needs to name his official spokesperson(s).”

A social media user also posted a message of concern on one of Kwara’s dominant WhatsApp groups sympathetic to the new government. In the message he tagged: “Urgent & Important”, he said, “various stories about alleged activities or pronouncements by the new Kwara State Governor are flying around from different quarters. This can be dangerous. Time to have official spokesperson for the Governor is NOW.”

Another queried, “For enquiries and clarifications about activities and affairs of the State Governor and his administration, who do we contact?”

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