N22B Fraud: Former Power Minister, Mamman Slumps Outside Courtroom

By Nwosu Colins

Former Power Minister Saleh Mamman, who served under ex-President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, suffered a medical emergency and fainted outside the Federal High Court in Abuja today. The incident occurred as he was attending a court session ober alleged N22B fraud. However, his collapse was attributed to his poor health condition.

In the courtroom of Justice James Omotosho, the legal counsel for the former minister, Femi Ate, SAN, promptly responded when called upon to enter a plea on behalf of his client.

Later in the proceedings, the former minister, Saleh Mamman, rejoined the hearing and took his place in the dock, appearing visibly shaken and with portions of his clothing dampened, likely due to his earlier health episode.

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