Nigerians react as Budgit’s director begins new role in Buhari’s govt, deletes Twitter account

By Shola Abayomi.

Mixed reactions have trailed the appointment of Seun Onigbinde as a Technical Adviser in the Ministry of Budget and National Planning.

Onigbinde, who’s the director and co-founder of BudgIT, an organization that advocates transparency and accountability in public finance, has been a dogged critic of President Muhammadu Buhari’s economic methods.

The BudgIT director was also reported to have deactivated his Twitter account after accepting his new role to avoid backlash from Nigerians.

He disclosed on his Medium page on Saturday that he had accepted to take up an advisory role underwritten by an international development agency for an initial period of six months in the Ministry of Budget and National Planning.

Onigbinde also added that he would be working with the Minister of State for Budget and National Planning, Prince Clem Agba.

He statement read: “Friends, I have accepted to take up an advisory role underwritten by an international development agency for an initial period of six months . I believe that to guard the reputation of BudgIT, I need to take an operational break and make my new position public.

“In a technical advisory role, I shall be supporting the Minister of State for Budget and National Planning, Prince Clem Agba, along the issues of budget reform, development planning, and revenue growth. It is similar to a task Joseph Agunbiade (my BudgIT co-founder) and I worked on in 2013–14, under the DFID-FEPAR program for the National Assembly Budget and Research Office.

“I see this as an adventure considering an accepted steep curve on public sector structure. I wish to state I remain loyal to my values — of appreciating the right of every citizen to ask the hard questions; that public resources must be accounted for; and that civic spaces and individual rights must be keenly protected.

“I have spoken to our partners, advisory board, and mentors, and I believe this is part of multi-pronged approach towards accelerating the long-term objectives of BudgIT and exploring new experiences. I will constantly review the objectives that I have set for this period and provide updates as I proceed.

“My belief in the capacity of BudgIT, led by Gabriel Okeowo, to do great work in demanding effective transparency and accountability remains unshaken.

His appointment has generated divergent opinions from Nigerians on Twitter, as many described him as hypocritical.

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@seunonigbinde insulted and abused everyone who planned and voted for Buhari. He even said we don’t love Nigeria. Now that he has been recruited on the #NextLevel team, can we now say Seun Onigbinde is only looking for what to eat? FYI, he has also deactivated his account.


If u want to criticize, do it a constructive manner. If u have been looking for appointment & u were rejected b4, don’t use ur influence to set mob against govt . Now, Seun Onigbinde after all d insult still accepted appointment under Buhari. U don’t need to deactivate ur account.


Congratulations Seun Onigbinde, founder @BudgITng on your appointment into the “Incompetent” government of APC led by Muhammadu Buhari. May the Almighty guide you ?, and please free your handle you wouldn’t be asked to resign.


Seun Onigbinde spent the past few years criticizing Buhari’s inept Govt & holding many other Govt parastatals accountable via @BudgITng. He has been invited to fix what he has always criticized & y’all think he is better off as an arm chair critic? Allow the man to do his job!


Seun Onigbinde deleted his Twitter account after getting appointment for Buhari’s government. The same Buhari that we all detest his government. I am learning a new lesson from this.



Seun Onigbinde spent 5yrs casting the APC govt as useless and irredeemably directionless for Nigeria. Well guess who just got appointed into APC’s irredeemable govt? Oga even deactivated his twitter account with 1000s of followers to safeguard his plum job from APC SM mobs.


There was no need deactivating your Twitter account. This is what we have always desired, that our country will make do of her best brains irrespective of their political leaning.


Good to see that technocrat, Seun Onigbinde, has been appointed as a Technical Adviser in Buhari’s failed government. Congrats Seun.


Account has entered voicemail. Such a coward, can’t even take the heat of defending his appointment or apologizing for misleading his gullible followers. We wait to see what @BudgITng will be spewing, though it appears that account is in recess.


Where’s @oluseunonigbinde? We are aware he’s been appointed as a Technical Adviser in this admin he’s never believed in. He predicted doom for PMB and overtly supported @Atiku in his bid to nowhere. Pls Seun should decline/resign if he’s started work.


Welcome development. He’s right in the kitchen now. Hope he can absorb the heat. Let’s go there. What goes around, comes around. He’ll be shocked no one will spare him on this street…


Seun Onigbinde, a critic of many Government parastatals has been invited to fix what he has always criticized. But we are criticizing his decision to join the government and fix all or some of the problems. Edakun, what exactly do we want? Wail without Change?


I do not understand the reasoning process of people sometimes, how do we effect the change we desire if those that have criticised and seen flaws in the administration aren’t allowed to implement their ideas when given the opportunity.


Meanwhile, congratulations to him on the appointment and also kudos to the Federal Government for appointing him notwithstanding. He is one of the smart folks who can contribute to the work of govt and use his wisdom and experience to add value to the Ministry he works with.

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