OPINION: Commissioner-nominees: Who is Abdulrazaq fooling?

By Ibrahim Yakub.

Looking at the list of Commissioner-nominees of Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, one will not stop thinking of what style he wants to adopt.

With the list, it is glaring that the governor wants to be a loner and has abandoned the finger that fed him. It’s obvious that he has abandoned the party and all party men who worked with him for his emergence.

Appointing a serving corp member from Edu couldn’t have been a nomination from Edu APC and the people of Edu local government. When I saw her name, I was wondering the connection of the lady to the appointment. First, she read library science with no experience at all. I was thinking maybe she had a first-class but it was not mentioned in her citation. Grassroot mobilizer!!! Where and when is she mobilizing? It’s only the governor that can explain the connection.

The nomination of the daughter of late Mohammed Lawal couldn’t have been from the Scion of the family, Akeem Lawal but it looks like that’s what the governor wants it to look like. The Akeem Lawal that I know will never nominate his family members into positions ahead of members of his political group. I am certain they did not seek his opinion.

The last time I checked, Arinola was a close confidant of Aisha Lawal, the last wife of the late governor and younger sister to Governor Abdulrazaq. Arinola is most certainly the representative of Aisha in the cabinet.

Modibo Kawu will certainly not nominate his wife if he was actually consulted. He had his own group that worked for him during his campaign to win the party ticket. Though his wife was involved in the process but not enough to be nominated by the husband above his followers. On enquiry, I found out she is a bossom friend of the governor’s wife. It suffice to say she’s the nominee of the governor’s wife.

Lastly, the name of Aisha Ahman Patigi has been prominently mentioned since the emergence of Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq as the flag bearer of the party. It was rumoured that the governor had a “special relationship” with the lady.

The nomination maybe is to continue the “special relationship” or how would he explain that somebody who was with the opposition till the end and served them at the highest capacity got the nomination ahead of core party men who risked their lives to ensure victory for him in the last election. Haba!!!

The statement that the female nominees were mobilizers for the party can not be true. I am certain that none of the nominees have the party’s membership card.

The composition so far shows that the governor is looking for who he will direct without objection or opinion, and not who will advise him.

Which brings me to the conclusion, who is the governor fooling?

Ibrahim Yakub writes from Ilorin.


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