OPINION: The Purported Fulani Radio Station

By Paul Kums.

It is a demonic programming to not see anything good in this administration, even when there is a glaring laudable giant stride evident to the blind and deaf; it is equally sheepish and extremist to think that every policy of this government is commendable, hence, deserving of everyone’s support.

The Federal Government’s acquisition of an Amplitude Modulation (AM) broadcasting licence to be broadcast “strictly in Fulfulde” raises more questions to the discerning minds than answers to the myriads of problems bedevilling us as a country; allegedly attributed to the ethnic group in question.

What was the role of the media in Nazi Germany as championed by Adolf Hitler, that made the Germans see themselves as the most superior race on earth?

What was the role of the media in fascist Italy as spearheaded by Mosulini?

What was the role the media played in the Rwandan Genocide that led to the ethnic cleansing of the Tutsis by the Hutus?

Again, what was the role of the media in the Nigerian civil war that the Federal Government of Nigeria thought it was going to be a month old war, but lingered for thirty months?

Anyone who has at least, a degree in political science would have come across a course, “The International Politics of Mass Communication.”

In it, you’d find the dynamics of media and media ownership and of course, the symbiotic relationship between terrorism and the media.

Why didn’t the FG acquire license for the other three major ethnic groups as recognized by the constitution as the language of legislative business?

Is there any Fulani in Nigeria who does not understand Hausa? Why can’t they leverage on the existing radio stations already broadcasting in Hausa?

Is this some sort of validation of Obasanjo’s alleged “Fulanization of Nigeria” when he spoke about the purported 100 billion to be given to the Fulani?

Although, the FG denied this claim, but the Myetti Allah owned up.

In the end, any appearance of ethnic hegemony must be resisted by every good spirited Nigerian. We must all look beyond the perfunctory justification of this dastardly policy.

God bless Nigeria.

Paul Kums is a social commentator.



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  1. Hmmmm,there is more to what the eye can see,the Nigeria I know n the government in admistration implement a decision not minding it’s future negativity on its state security and unity.and when their is a lickage of such decisions done in secret.the deny it only for it to became a law n declaration.No smoke without fire,its good that you are using these medium to advocate for what is right,i pray it moves beyond these platform to the ear and eye of the government. We can’t give a group what they want just because their son is d leader or because we fear them as threat and want to dance to their tune,we have a constitution let our government follow it,without twisting things to suit their self evil agender .God bless Nigeria

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