Stop selling judgements to rich people — Lawan counsels judiciary

By David Olalekan.

The Senate Leader, and frontline candidate for the senate presidency, Ahmed Lawan, has raised concerns over the rate at which wealthy Nigerians ‘purchase’ favorable judgements from the courts at the expense of the less privileged.

Senator Lawan stated this during plenary when the senate was considering the appointment of Justice Abubakar Musa Sadeeq, as the president, Customary Court of Appeal, FCT Abuja.

He said, “Ours is a society where people who have so much money buy judgments. I think that is not the type of society that we want.

“We want a society where those at the lowest line; the vulnerable, the disadvantaged can go to courts and get judgment because they deserve to get those judgments regardless of their socio-economic status.

“Judiciary, you are expected by Nigerians to be firm, to be fair, to be committed to those ideals that the founding fathers of this country worked and died for; that is to make life better for every Nigerian”, Lawan emphasized.

The Senate confirmed the appointment of Justice Abubakar Sadeeq after suspending its rules to hasten the confirmation process.

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