Whitebridge acquires Samsung distributorship

By Ibraheem Solaudeen.

Whitebridge Communications Ltd, a holistic marketing and media communications company, has signed a distributorship agreement with US home appliance maker, Samsung, as one of its major Nigerian TV marketers.

A part of the agreement signifies that Whitebridge Communications would now be a direct distributor of Samsung TV sets of varying brands, imported directly from the US office of the brand.

“It’s a major one for us as we now have a glaring opportunity to market tangible products and take Whitebridge beyond our initial vision of providing media and branding services.

“We are excited with the opportunity and look forward to a great time marketing Samsung products in Nigeria as one of the major distributors,” said Mohammed Abdullahi, Whitebridge’s Chief Executive Officer.

Explaining further, Abdullahi said all products that would be distributed by Whitebridge would come with full warranty and setup kits.

“Customers would also have the option of inspecting the products in our warehouse located in Ikeja, around Guiness-Oba Akran, before delivery is made,” he said.

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