5 magistrates share a court room, 7, 8 lawyers share an office, Kwara NBA laments

By Balkis Tijani.

The Chairman of the Ilorin Branch of Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Mohammed Akande, has decried the pitiable state of infrastructure in the Kwara State judiciary.

Akande, while addressing newsmen at the 2019 biennial law week which held recently in Ilorin, underscored the deplorable condition of court rooms in the state.

He also revealed that magistrates in the state share a court room, while lawyers in the Ministry of Justice are clogged up in an office.

He said: “When you talk about the implementation of the law you have to look at some things that are very important. Of course, look at the position of our courts in the state. The courts are in bad shape. Even if a law is very effective and there is no place for magistrates and judges to sit, it cannot work.

“In Kwara State, we still have like four or five magistrates sharing a courtroom. So, judicial time/productive hours are being wasted. The Ministry of Justice needs a better accommodation. Today, you see between seven and eight lawyers sharing an office.“

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