Abdulrahman vindicated, as court dismisses certificate forgery case

By Ibraheem Solaudeen.

Justice Adenike Akinpelu of Kwara State High Court sitting in Ilorin, today, struck out the certificate forgery case filed against Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq after the claimant, Adekunle Oluwafemi Abraham notified the court of his intention to withdraw the case.

Mr Abraham, who’s a member of the PDP, told the court he had presented a notice of withdrawal of the matter. Consequent upon that, Justice Akinpelu halted the efforts of one Olusola Olaseinde who intended joining the suit, since the original case has been withdrawn.

Governor Abdulrazaq had earlier described the suit by the claimant as one acting out a script from his political adversary, insisting that the case was politically motivated by people who were opposed to his emergence as legitimate flag-bearer in the March 9 governorship election.

Reacting to the dismissal of the case in Ilorin, today, the governor through his Chief Press Secretary, Rafiu Ajakaye, disclosed that he wasn’t disturbed by the suit, adding that its dismissal wasn’t a surprise. He further pledged his commitment to build the state with the collective efforts of every one irrespective of political differences.

He said, “We weren’t in the least disturbed by the case because it is clear to everyone on the street that it was baseless,” the statement quoted the Governor as saying.

“Now that the case has died a natural death, we again extend our hand of friendship to every Kwaran to join the efforts of Governor to build a Kwara that works for all. It is time to work to restore the glory of our dear state.

“As everyone can see, things hitherto considered impossible are now happening. Water is running. Roads are being fixed and the Governor is giving hope to every segment of the state that a new Kwara is possible!

“Finally, we thank the good people of Kwara State for the solidarity and love they continue to show for the Governor and the new government.”

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