BREAKING: President Buhari may have signed a new law banning gun license

By David Olalekan

A yet to be verified statement currently in circulation and signed by Alhaji Ahmed Bello of the
Media Center, Abuja, claims President Muhammadu Buhari has signed into law an executive order “to remove, revoke, banish all firearm or shotgun certificate or license in Nigeria”.

The statement claims that the new executive order will come into effect on the 1st June 2019.

According to the new law, no individual in Nigeria would henceforth be allowed or authorised to own or carry prohibited weapons or guns.

The yet to be confirmed statement reads, “If you have any license issued to you in the past /previously allowing you to own or carry any type of gun, prohibited weapons, components parts and prohibited ammunition or selling; that license is now dead. You do not have a gun license anymore.

“Only police officers and the army that is fully authorised can carry a gun. All civil defense corps and other security organisation are no longer allowed to carry weapons from 1st June 2019. Nobody is allowed to sell any type of weapons anymore.

“You must now hand in all type of firearm license or certificate issued to you in the past to the nearest police headquarter in your state. Please do not hand-in your old certificate/license in a police station. It must be handed over at the police headquarters.”

Details later…

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