I’ve Encountered 10 Times More Evil In APC Than In PDP – Okorocha

Chief Rochas Okorocha

By Shola Abayomi

Chief Rochas Okorocha, outgoing Governor of Imo State, has lamented his fate in the ruling APC, saying he had encountered in the party 10 times the evils he would have suffered if he had been a member of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party.

Okorocha, who said APC had inflicted devilish political machinations against his person 10 times more than what he would have been inflicted with if he were to be a member of the PDP, spoke with journalists in Abuja.

The embattled governor however indicated his resolve to remain in APC despite alleged moves to frustrate him out of the party.

Okorocha also accused the National Chairman of APC, Mr Adams Oshiomhole, and other unnamed leaders of the party of working with the Independent National Electoral Commission to ensure that he did not get his certificate of return to the Senate as the duly elected senator for Imo West Senatorial District.

“The evil I feared in the PDP has befallen me 10 times in the APC. Last week, I wrote a letter to INEC for the first time informing them of their wrongdoings and illegal actions to withhold my certificate on mere allegation of duress which was never founded, neither was there any committee set up to investigate the matter.

“So, INEC on its own believed the reports of the Returning Officer without investigating the authenticity of the accusation. So, there was no issue of fair hearing at all.

“What is important here is that INEC does not have the power to withhold the certificate of return, having declared the result.

“I believe the INEC chairman is up to a game with the chairman of the APC, who is being used to frustrate my coming to the Senate, and this is politically motivated. I’ve given INEC enough time to correct itself and do the needful and issue me my certificate of return but to no avail.

“Many things have happened so far and these should be of concern to everyone. INEC that made the submission to the tribunal has gone back, requesting to withdraw it because the submission was defending its declaration. But because the submission seems to be in my favour, they have said they want to withdraw the affidavit which is out of time.

“The withdrawal was made by one of their members of staff who said that Festus Okoye, a commissioner in INEC, had threatened to sack him if he did not withdraw it. So, there is a huge threat going on in INEC.

“Festus Okoye is presently being used as the hatchet man; he has gone to the tribunal in Imo asking for the withdrawal of the affidavit that has been filed defending the APC,” Okorocha said.

The outgoing IMO governor, who expressed his disappointment with INEC, also wondered what the electoral body would do with the certificate of return denied him.

In his words, “I wonder what they want to do with the certificate, if they don’t give it to me, who will they give it to?

“Maybe they will give it to Festus Okoye because he is from my senatorial district but what they are doing is presenting INEC as a lying organisation and that is dangerous for our democracy because, as it stands right now, the image of INEC is bastardised.

“What it means is that tomorrow somebody can withhold the certificate of return of anybody because you don’t like his face, because you feel that he wants to politically challenge you in future.”

Okorocha who until recently was considered one of President Buhari’s ‘men-fridays’ said he believes the president has a lot of issues to deal with and so did not considered it right to bother him with issues concerning his personal political survival; especially as it concerns INEC.

“If you know the President well, you will know that he will never intervene as he will only keep mute. But whether President Buhari speaks or not, INEC should do the right thing by giving me my certificate of return,” Okorocha said.

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