Mixed reactions trail suspension of 16 LG Chairmen by Kwara Assembly

By Balkis Tijani.

Kwara residents have expressed different views about the unanimous resolution of the Kwara State House of Assembly to suspend the elected chairmen of the sixteen local councils in the state, pending their investigation over alleged impropriety.

The decision to unseat the council heads was taken today during plenary, which was presided over by the Speaker, Rt Hon. Yakubu Danladi.

The suspended council chairmen were indicted for “maladministration” in a petition raised by the House Leader, and deliberated upon by House members.

On the next step for the suspended chairmen who had reportedly obtained an injunction from the State High Court Ilorin, barring the new government of the state from dissolving or suspending them, all efforts by INSIDER to reach the Ilorin West LG Chairperson, Hajia Omodara proved abortive, as she neither responded to our reporter’s telephone calls or text message.

See below, some social media reactions from Kwara residents (names withheld):

“I can now say Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq is even more intelligent than their hyped leader for not blindfoldedly suspending the Chairmen, but with order from the legislature. Kwara chairmen suspension is not Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq’s handiwork but Kwara House of Assembly.”

“The suspension of the L.G Chairs didn’t come as a surprise, even though I still feel the constitution should be amended to give the L.G total autonomy. But the term *”suspension pending investigation”* is watery, what would happen if after investigation, they are found to be innocent? Whenever the house wants to play a particular script, they should at least perfect it. Anyway, the deed has been done, let us all move ahead, let the L.G Chairs hand over without rancour and approach the courts if they feel cheated.”

“If they are found innocent, they’ll be reinstated. What that tells you is that Kwara is not a state of anarchy, the call for their suspension is not their membership of opposition, that’s the message in pending ‘determination of the investigation.'”

“They are under investigation, let them prove their innocence before the probe panel please. Lucky ones will return and be dashed extra days in office.”

“I don’t know if to rejoice over the suspension of all LG chairman in kwara or not, they were all suspended on allegations of maladministration. The question is, do KWHA have the constitutional right to do so?
They have been accused of maladministration which should be investigated.”

“Did any of the suspended council chairmen know what is due to his/her LG from FG purse? How far have they succeeded in making judicious use of the fund given to them? This is about transparency and accountability. This can’t be achieved while they are still on seat. However, I will plead for the return whosoever amongst them is not found wanting.”

“I believe the allegation of maladministration placed on the former/suspected/suspended LG chairman must not be taken like pinch of salt if we have not traded our morality for politicking.”

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