Nigerian lady says shops destroyed in SA xenophobic attacks are covers for serious crimes

By David Olalekan.

A Nigerian lady residing in South Africa, has made stunning revelations about the recurring xenophobic attacks targeted at Nigerians in the country.

The lady, who shared a different perspective on the issue on condition of anonymity, revealed that Nigerians in South Africa had converted certain neighborhoods in the country to drug markets.

She explained that most of the shops looted and burnt during the attacks were actually covers for heinous crimes being perpetrated by some Nigerians.

“I have lived in SA for almost 20 years. What you see as pure xenophobia is actually community Vigilantism gone wrong or hijacked by criminals.

“Some of the shops looted and destroyed are actually covers for a serious crime.

“Some of our brothers take over entire areas and turn them into drug markets. But because the law in SA does not allow police to arrest criminals unless with evidence or unless shot at, so what happens is the drug guys hide these drugs in shops, restaurants etc and use as a face.”

She further explained that in Johannesburg alone, there are over 30 drug markets where a large number of Nigerians converge on street corners to sell drugs.

She added that, “The community knows and they try to inform the police. Sometimes these guys get arrested and bribe their way out. When it fails, the community takes laws into their hands.”

She refuted claims that ‘Nigerians’ were being targeted in South Africa, stating that street drug dealers and internet fraudsters were the ones being hunted.

She also revealed how drug peddlers led by Nigerians invaded her property under renovation and turned it into a drug depot.

“Personally, in an area of Johannesburg, some years ago, drug dealers almost took over my property. We bought it and in the process of renovation, they invaded it and turned it into a drug hotel. It took God to evict them without being killed. It was led by Nigerians. In that property, there were families with women and children.

“One strategy of selling drugs is to befriend young secondary school girls and introduce them. They get hooked and they start stealing and prostituting to feed the habit. Soon the entire area deteriorates”, she said.

She accused the drugs dealers of distracting attention in a bid to lure the Nigerian government into taking drastic steps in defending the criminals being attacked, in the guise of defending Nigerians.

On the incessant killings of Nigerians in South Africa, she noted that the majority of the homicides were perpetrated by fellow Nigerians, adding that it’s a drug turf war.

“I know some who’ve been killed. So how can we accuse others of killing us when we are perpetrating it?” she queried.

She concluded by saying a fairly large number of upright Nigerians in South Africa are very comfortable and are not being targeted by anyone.

“A vast majority of upright Nigerians in SA are very comfortable. They are doctors, teachers, business owners, etc.

“If we don’t get the right story, we can set off a diplomatic war, everything collapses and these guys become targets. Currently, they are not being targetted by anyone. Many are married to South Africans. Some head government agencies and private companies.

“Yes, there are some xenophobic South Africans, but just like we fought against stigmatizing Fulani, we must also fight against stigmatizing South Africans.

“There are very many good South Africans, who don’t buy into any form of oppression. Let us encourage our government to join forces with the South African Government and carry out a security raid on drug dealers.

“If the Government announces this, you will see they will flee because they’ll know the cover is blown! xenophobic attacks will reduce 95%”, she stated.

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