Open letter to Pres. Buhari on snail system approach towards Xenophobic attacks

Dear President Muhammadu Buhari,

I had kept mute on the various issues that have plagued this administration since its inception of the second term for two reasons. One, I do not want to get on the bandwagon, and two; I subscribe that you and some persons in government are responsible for our national woes.

I must admit at this point, that this government is clueless and not ready to take responsibility promptly on the most important matters that affect Nigerians both home and abroad. The true test of leadership is the ability of the persons entrusted to uphold the people’s trust at all times.

Mr President, my silence was broken by request from my constituency – the youth, to whom I have an obligation to oblige. In obliging, I therefore do not want to contribute to analysis of the obvious content of the recent xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in South Africa but to look at the implications of the lackadaisical attitude and snail system approach of your administration towards the issue.

It is shameful. It reflects to many, that your administration is probably and if not, mostly filled with tired brains and chicken-hearted scarecrows. The question that arises on the lips of many is, how can a government that has failed in protecting her citizens at home, protect the ones abroad? Funny enough, someone said a lizard in Aso Rock cannot become an Alligator in South Africa.

I know it is not possible that you haven’t seen the gruel images of the killings, maiming, shooting and live burning of Nigerians in South Africa. I guess the videos aren’t convincing enough to you, that is why you needed to send a special envoy to President Cyril Ramaphosa to share deep concern about the lives and properties of Nigerians in South Africa.

I know you are being diplomatic and trying to strengthen the ties that your government never worked but benefitted from. The Nigeria-South Africa tie has been intact long before your arrival as a democratic president and a military Head of State.

It is good to be diplomatic but not in the face of terror and humiliations. You can be diplomatic with statements and actions that would send a warning across board. Your diplomacy must be brave and commanding. It must put the South African government on its toes.

The weakness of this government has been revealed. The truth is, you were never ready to effect the real change you canvassed during elections. Should it be that some persons are trying to destroy your efforts within? Then, I advise you learn to look closely and act accordingly sir.

It is sarcastic and mischievous that a government that is known for swift reactions on issues is now taking this important one with levity. Nigerians are aware that under your administration, a lot of peaceful marches or protests against insecurity and bad governance had been staged but none ever happened as planned. It is either peaceful protesters were tear-gassed or arrested.

We are still much aware of your stance on the Fulani herdsmen menance and the continuous propaganda of your government on ending the never ending book haram menance. Funny sir, some Nigerians are calling for Boko Haram’s help against South Africans. They are not stupid neither are they foolish for making such requests, they are only thinking aloud especially on the ineptitude of this government.

A government that is swift at intimidating peaceful citizens but not ready to take a swift reaction on foreigners that are killing her peaceful citizens is not a government. Let me remind you that it was reported that the Nigerian Embassy shuts its door on Nigerians attacked in South Africa. I also saw the press conference where the High Commissioner of South Africa to Nigeria denied xenophobic attacks. The old man has succeeded in taking us for fools. He has succeeded in playing on the intelligence of Nigerians. This is made possible because of you.

In a sane country, where the protection of the country and its citizens both home and abroad is the topmost essence of governance, such a denial would have earned him an immediate termination of his service to the country.
It is pitiable that countries that are not even as affected as we are in the xenophobic attack are already taking drastic efforts in protest to the wrong done on their nationals.

I hope your advisers have informed you that Zimbabwe just canceled their international friendly match with South Africa? Also, three African presidents (Malawi, DR Congo and Rwanda) have issued notice of their withdrawal in the upcoming economic summit which is scheduled to be held in Cape Town soon. What have you done? You have succeeded in asking us to wait for special explanation on why your country men should be killed and burnt alive.

The sweats and the blood of Nigerians that brought you to power in a bid to ensure their safety would definitely judge you on this. I would keep praying that Nigerians do not over react because if they do sir, one thousand Abba kyari cannot save you. Those who swear by the rule that everything has a price would have found much to contemplate.

If Nigeria, in 2012 expelled 56 South African business people promoting bilateral discussions simply because 125 Nigerians were thrown out of South Africa because they do not have Yellow Fever certificates, what more can’t the government of Nigeria do when the people of the same country are killing her citizens?

It is disheartening that you have seen the manifest destiny of Nigerians as a plaything; you do not intend to take your election promises seriously. Indeed, you do not intend to make any binding undertakings to Nigerians. You have postulated no political theory with your most recent act. Yes, violence can never end violence but strategic and decisive actions can quench violence.

You cannot hold economic and political ties with a country that do not respect the dignity of humans not to talk of the dignity of their fellow African brothers. What have Nigerians in South Africa done to deserve the genocidal treatment? It is not our fault that we can survive anywhere in the world neither is it our fault that we over shadow people irrespective of race when it comes to survival for needs and wants.

Our leaders had led us this far with their poor governance. The best prayers Nigerians abroad can say daily to God is that they should never at any cost be in a situation that requires your government’s intervention or help. You have failed them at the first instance of this incident.

I hope your advisers would tell you that I have always written well about you and your performance but on this, I must express my disappointment. You failed me.

Mr President, please do not with these attitude of yours destroy the fabric of our Nigerian brotherhood. Kindly act proactively. Take charge and Allah would see you through.

Yours Sincerely,

Habeeb Whyte Esq.,

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