OPINION: Distribution of textbooks and instructional materials…The issues

By Ishowo Olanrewaju.

Everybody needs knowledge to put forward his or her arguments. Apart from the fact that knowledge is an endless adventure, it is also guides us to know where and when to talk and when silence is even more better at least to cover our deficiencies.

Nobody is above knowledge except that man standing who has no regard for it. Tonight, when I perused some arguments questioning the time (2019) of the distribution of those items, I think it became imperative to speak briefly and compare notes together, so that readers will not receive the wrong knowledge from some us who believe we have opinions cum knowledge to exchange on public issues. Out of pride please!

Constituency projects distribution which centres ongoing conversation needs little clarifications to shapen our perspective. I want to say it categorically that the books in question and other related items fall under 2018 constituency projects but their life span ends in 2019.

In case anyone of us is curious to have first class information on this particular issue, he or she can put a call through to UBEC in Abuja to confirm that *has the 2019 constituency projects of each Senator or Rep member who facilitated classrooms or books distribution started?* Give us the feedback.

I bet you that the already made answer available is, TENDER IS ABOUT to be on sale for the potential bidders… that is, those that are interested (contractors). This means the real work has not been activated.

In Nigeria here, and going by the tradition, the life span of constituency projects outlive the official life span of a Senator or Rep member especially in election years like 2015, 2019 and inshaa Allah by 2023.

Let me also remind those that have forgotten so soon that President Muhammadu Buhari signed the 2019 budget around May this year before the expiration of the 8th National Assembly. All the constituency projects therein were facilitated by the last Senators and Reps.

The continuity comes if a Rep member or Senator won his or her reelection bid but in the case of Kwara state, none of them returned to their respective seats except Hon. Ajulopin.

Notwithstanding, this 2019 constituency projects that is about to commence and expected to end in 2020, remain the projects facilitated by the immediate past lawmakers and they shall claim the glory.

Therefore, our current lawmakers will start their work budge-wise as soon as Mr President sends the 2020 appropriation bill where the likes of our current Senator, Oloriegbe and my Rep, Hon. Alajagusi will show the strength of their influence via the number of constituency projects they will facilitate on the capacity of their respective votes (money allocated).


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