OPINION: In Defence Of Saraki


By Abdullah Abdulganiy.

If there is anybody who barely agrees with Saraki, I am. This, those who follow me religiously know. However, the personal sentiments we have against an individual must not preclude our sense of judgement.

Tongues have been wagging about Saraki’s humanitarian gesture that hit the newstand yesterday. Not so many have been just with this development. Rather than praise him and encourage other elites to emulate him, political meanings have been read to his action.

It is cruel to accuse a man who has been kicked out of politics of trying to score political points with his gesture. After the elections have been won and lost?

Some said it is a misplaced priority. If you were to have affinity with the beneficiaries, you won’t spew this rubbish. If we have needies in Kwara State, let others attend to them. That is where God directed Saraki to. Funnily enough, those who cannot dedicate 2 per cent of their take home to charity are the ones mocking Saraki for his kind gesture. Thumbs up Saraki.



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