Xenophobia: We’ll kill 3 South Africans for every Nigerian killed, NANS threatens

By David Olalekan.

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), has vowed to retaliate in a similar fashion, if Nigerians continue to be killed in South Africa as a result of xenophobic attack.

The aggrieved students, who barricaded the offices of Multichoice and MTN (both South African owned establishments) in Ogun State today, declared their resolve to kill three South Africans living in Nigeria for every one Nigerian killed in South Africa.

The students, also disclosed their intentions of destroying three South African businesses in Nigeria, in retaliation for any Nigerian business destroyed in South Africa.

The NANS’ National Public Relations Officer, Azeez Adeyemi, while speaking to newsmen during the procession today, said: “Nigerian students have resolved to take up the pains of our brothers and sisters over there in South Africa.

“We cannot continue to pretend as if things are going fine over there. We have resolved to shut down businesses of South in Nigeria. Their businesses are thriving here in Nigeria. South Africa is making billions of naira in remittances from Nigeria.

“They cannot continue to kill our people over there, maim them and rob them of their belongings.

“This is the final signal we’re sending. After this, we will be going for the ‘third law of commotion’. For every reaction, there is an equal or opposite reaction.

“Our own reaction will not be in direct proportion to their own action over there.

“Kill a Nigerian in South Africa, we kill three South Africans here; destroy a Nigerian business over there and we will destroy three South African businesses here in Nigeria.”

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