OPINION: For Progress, Come Oh Reformer Habeeb

By Ibraheem Abdullateef.

For God and Country, join me dear reader, in this sincere advocacy after reading this piece to the end. It’s an act of civility to call to the right path or to support the right person to make right decision at the right time, verily. Thus, I have sought for your support to do this with me, I have a gem to unveil. For God and humanity, for peace and progress, for victory, for accomplishments, let’s get the reformer, Tajudeen Habeeb to do this job.

Taking into consideration the recent happenings in Kwara state political arena, only a neophyte would need lessons to know that the tide has changed and the swimmers had better learned survival, an era has died to birth a new world.

A new world in Kwara State. Maybe, not a new state. But the general mood and thoughts, and the opinions and sentiments, and the views of our people, is rebranded. Something to tell the discerning minds that the wind of change has not subsided, in fact, the sky is cloudy enough for those whose eyes can see.

As such, as a people, we are to move with the time. That’s the essence of existence. For the wise. For a people to grow socially, economically and politically, they need to follow the positive trends. This trend, based on interpretation, represents evolvement as a result of dynamism of time.

It’s youth O’ Clock in Nigeria. Pardon me, I meant, it’s the hours of the youth. Albeit, the ones with substance, vision, knowledge, capacity and moral integrity. That is, the tomorrow’s leaders might have started coming to lay claim to their places, the rightful places they were promised since 20years ago. Ofcourse, when there’s one with the required exposure and knowledge, we should religiously queue behind such person. Now that the time has come.

In Kwara State, the fight is already taking shape. The people seem taken to the hint that there could be a statewide Local Government elections anytime soon after the suspension of the incumbents for financial misappropriation issues. And I am impressed by the calibre of people showing interest.

For instance, the other day, when the news broke about my refined brother and patriotic Kwaran, Dr. Yakub Toyin Nassamu’s bid for Ilorin South Local Government Chairmanship seat, I felt butterflies in my belly. As an advocate for good governance, it was a good news that the good people of Ilorin South could be very lucky to have such a person overseeing their affairs for the next three years.

On the contrary, I had a nudge to the plight of my beloved Local Government too. I shouldn’t be like a carrier whose lots is to carry others’ baggages while dragging his own on the floor. We have been good people with bad administrators. The last one deserves a special mention. May we never have the misfortune of such a kind again.

However, lamentations is the song for the loser, not a fighter who will become a winner. To win, we need to move. To move, we need a propeller. It’s unarguable that, that has been elusive to the people of Ilorin West for a while now. Nevertheless, Change must have come now. I mean, Progress for Ilorin West. We would found it in Habeeb.

Tajudeen Habeeb Omotosho, the one you all call *Tallest* for his distinctive physical height. He’s a young, vibrant good governance advocate and passionate Kwaran, with clear vision for progress and development. Age (for or against) notwithstanding, Habeeb ticks every box required of a Local Government Chairman. He’s armed with robust administrative experience as a proven Students Leader who have held several positions of enormous responsibility. He also boast of Legislative knowledge due to the rare opportunity of internship with the 8th National Assembly.

Tajudeen is a problem solver with peerless verve for innovations. He has constantly demonstrated enviable abilities to proffer solutions to burning administrative and political issues. As a patriotic Kwaran, he’s burning with passion for progress and development of his people and the communities.

Tajudeen Habeeb has constantly shown his knack for community development through partnerships and participations in several Community Based Projects too numerous to mention. The name is no stranger to positive activism throughout the length and breadth of the State of Harmony.

Quite enviably, Habeeb is a darling of the youth. His days in students’ struggle as a vibrant Comrade is a beginner’s guide for aspiring Students’ Leaders. He’s largely identified by all and sundry for his distinctive traits of sincerity, honesty and integrity. *Tallest*, as he’s fondly called, commands respect and reverence from both old and young alikes.

For all it’s worth, there’s no how a person of his calibre should be in hiding while the not too desirable ones in the society lay claims to the exalted seat of leadership. It’s a farce, hogwash, bukum, balderdash that we allow unlettered, unrefined, unexposed and unpatriotic fellows become the Chairmen of our Local Governments. Therefore, the revered Ilorin West, as a matter of fact, should take charge in rewriting this political hoax.

As such, youthful, useful, exposed, learned and refined materials should be given critical consideration as a matter of urgency. For God, for our people and Country.

This is why I have taken the decision to put forward a man I believe could put the LG in his deserved place. I have suggested Tajudeen Habeeb Omotosho with a strong recourse to his abilities and capabilities as well as proven track knowledge of integrity.

As a writer with panache and class, I may be able to write to beautify an unattractive person, and I may also get to de – market a great personality too, but truth needs no promotion. No words is needed to sell the truth. The truth about *Tallest* needs no witness but time to unveil.

It’s a race against the time. What’s good is good, no buts.

Therefore, if you read this to the end, you owe Kwara a duty. Join me to make Ilorin West greater with Habeeb. For God and humanity, for peace and progress, for victory and accomplishments, let’s make *Tallest* get the job done.

Oh come, Habeeb. Come on, now!


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